American Progress is seeking to fill the positions listed below. We do anticipate other openings in the future and encourage you to check our site often. Please note that only those individuals whose qualifications match the current needs of the organization will be considered applicants and will receive responses from American Progress. Thank you for your interest in American Progress.

Assistant to the Executive Team

American Progress has an immediate opening for an Assistant to the Executive team. This position will involve organizing meetings and managing schedules for a member of the Executive team; researching, drafting, and editing materials; organizing events and meetings; and performing other tasks as needed. This position calls for a highly organized individual who pays close attention to detail; maintains the ability to prioritize competing demands; provides timely and concise information; and manages important relationships.

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Digital Coordinator, CAP Action Fund

American Progress has an immediate opening for a Digital Coordinator with CAP Action Fund. The Digital Coordinator will manage and implement digital communications efforts, including CAP Action’s daily email newsletter and social media assets. This position calls for a highly organized, detail-oriented, and responsible individual with very strong writing skills on whom the staff can rely to work independently and to quickly produce high-quality digital content. The right candidate will demonstrate an ability to multitask; set priorities in a fast-paced environment; and have creative ideas for the digital space, as well as political acumen and sensitivity to policy issues. Applicants must have excellent communication and organizational skills; pay careful attention to deadlines and follow-up communications; and stay attuned to current events. Strong verbal and written communication skills, as well as the ability to interact well with high-level communications and policy professionals, are important.

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Digital Media Associate

American Progress has an immediate opening for a Digital Media Associate to design and produce digital and video content for all platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, and YouTube. This position works under the Vice President of Communications for the War Room to use Center for American Progress Action Fund platforms to drive progressive conversations, inform and educate the public on progressive issues, and grow the organization’s online audience. Social media experience, strong news sensibilities, familiarity with digital and video tools, and attention to detail are musts.

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Director of Digital Creative, Action Fund

American Progress has an immediate opening for a Director of Digital Creative to help lead a team that develops innovative and compelling digital video and social content that aims to build the emotional and visual case for progressive values, using stories to broaden the progressive movement. We utilized human stories to great effect in defending the Affordable Care Act and are embarking on an ambitious project to develop compelling personal stories for digital distribution in order to build a stronger progressive movement. Content will be deployed in a variety of contexts including legislative fights and electoral races. We’re looking for a Director who appreciates the power of a good story and understands how to craft one. A strong candidate should also be able to effectively manage and oversee a team that develops, designs, and produces digital and video content for all platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube, and has the technical skills to produce visual content as necessary. Social media experience, strong news sensibilities, expertise with digital and video tools, and attention to detail are musts.

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Director of International Climate Policy

American Progress has an immediate opening for a Director of International Climate Policy. The Director of International Climate Policy will lead the Energy and Environment team’s work to develop and execute a program to support the framework of the Paris climate agreement and engage state and local governments, tribes, universities, and other subnational actors in climate diplomacy. The ideal candidate will have a deep understanding of international climate policy and creative ideas for how to demonstrate U.S. commitment to climate action in the absence of federal leadership.

As the largest economy and largest historical emitter of greenhouse gases, the United States is central to the fight against climate change. Lackluster U.S. participation in the global effort to stop climate change is harmful not only from an emissions standpoint but also by eroding the international will to tackle the problem. The Director of International Climate Policy would work with colleagues on the Energy and Environment team to identify opportunities to demonstrate U.S. progress on climate mitigation despite the Trump administration’s posture and lay the groundwork for an ambitious international climate agenda should future administrations reclaim the United States’ leadership role on the world stage.

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Director, Legal Progress

American Progress seeks a highly motivated, creative professional with a background in advocacy campaigns and communications to serve as the Director of Legal Progress. Legal Progress is the legal policy and communications program at American Progress. Its mission is to make the American legal system more progressive.

Over the past 40-plus years, conservatives have executed a rigorous strategy to utilize the courts to advance their ideological priorities. From strengthening corporations and weakening labor unions, to undercutting civil rights and constraining government, the courts have served as the primary venue for some of the largest conservative gains over the past few decades.

Progressives have, for their part, overwhelmingly focused on advancing legislative solutions to address the major issues of the day, only to be repeatedly stymied by a court system that conservatives have increasingly titled in their favor. As such, the courts remain a significant barrier to addressing many of the major threats and challenges facing the country from climate change and structural racism to income inequality and corporate control of our democracy.

As part of a multi-issue think tank with capacity across virtually every issue area, Legal Progress is uniquely situated within the progressive space to elevate the courts as a priority. The Director of Legal Progress will build a vision and strategy for working with progressives to engage in judicial fights including helping defeat Trump’s most radical nominees. A core part of the Director of Legal Progress’ work will be building campaigns that leverage the policy expertise and advocacy capacity within the Center for American Progress and Center for American Progress Action Fund, in addition to partnering closely with progressive allies. In addition, American Progress is looking for an individual who can develop a longer-term communications strategy to help highlight the profound impact court decisions have on our lives and in shaping the country.

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Program Manager, Higher Ed, Not Debt, Generation Progress

American Progress has an immediate opening for a Program Manager for the Higher Ed, Not Debt campaign to assist with its nationwide organizing efforts. This position requires efficiently managing a large workflow of diverse projects. Applicants should enjoy detail-oriented work and troubleshooting and be able to design a digital strategy that organizes and mobilizes individuals across all aspects of the campaign.

Now more than ever, a college degree is the ticket required for entry into the American middle class. Unfortunately, the skyrocketing cost of this ticket—and the resulting damage to access, equity, and post college wealth accumulation—is risking the United States’ future as a middle-class nation. Higher Ed, Not Debt is a new multiyear, nationwide campaign comprised of more than 100 coalition partners working to ensure that quality higher education is affordable and accessible to all without the burden of financial hardship.

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Senior Manager/Associate Director, Foundation Relations

American Progress has an immediate opening for a Senior Manager/Associate Director of Foundations Relations. The position requires a self-starter with strong written and verbal communications skills as well as an ability to juggle multiple tasks in a fast-paced environment. This position helps American Progress pursue and capitalize on emerging opportunities for foundation funding and helps to produce written communications for the organization. The Associate Director will work closely with the Foundation Relations Director to drive a robust foundation fundraising program designed to increase the amount of support from American Progress’ constituency over the next several years. The Senior Manager/Associate Director will supervise the Foundation Relations Coordinator. This position is ideal for a deadline-driven, detail-oriented, and well-organized development professional who is committed to a progressive policy agenda.

Please note that the candidate’s title will be determined by their experience. Specific responsibilities and qualifications will vary slightly based on the level of the position the candidate qualifies for.

The Foundation Relations unit works with program staff at both the Center for American Progress, a 501(c)(3), and the Center for American Progress Action Fund, a 501(c)(4), in order to become familiar with program content and make the case for support for various programs; conduct ongoing research to identify foundation funding opportunities; collaborate on strategies for approaching foundation prospects; and track all foundation activity and deadlines.

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Training and Onboarding Manager, Human Resources

American Progress seeks a Training and Onboarding Manager for the Human Resources team. The Training and Onboarding Manager will be responsible for creating an inclusive and comprehensive onboarding program for all levels of staff. This person will ensure new staff receive a warm welcome to American Progress, have the resources they need to perform their job from day one, and experience a comprehensive and smooth onboarding process.

American Progress is looking for candidates who demonstrate attention to detail and an ability to multitask. As a member of the Human Resources team, it is critical that candidates handle confidential matters with complete discretion. This position is located in downtown Washington, D.C.

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Vice President, Digital Engagement

American Progress seeks a highly motivated Vice President of Digital Engagement with an ability to develop compelling and impactful content to help advance and achieve the organization’s goals. The Vice President will work to position the Center for American Progress Action Fund (CAPAF), a multi-issue advocacy organization, as a hub within the progressive community—working closely with partners to develop and disseminate content across a range of issues and to advance a clear progressive narrative across digital channels.

Ideal candidates will have a strategic perspective on how to develop effective digital content and campaigns that can break through in a noisy media environment. They will possess a willingness to be creative and attempt outside-the-box ideas while always maintaining a results-oriented and data-driven approach. The Vice President will be collaborative and able to work with multiple teams. Candidates who can demonstrate significant initiative to generate and execute on ideas are highly desired.

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Vice President, Education Policy

The education program at American Progress is devoted to generating pragmatic and progressive new policy ideas to advance education reform in the United States. Our work focuses on several priority areas, such as promoting college- and career-ready standards and assessments; recruiting, supporting, and retaining effective teachers and principals; fiscal equity; and exploring school improvement strategies for high-poverty schools—including expanded learning time and community schools. The Vice President of Education Policy will lead a dynamic team to assist in deepening our education policy work.

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Vice President, Human Resources

American Progress has an immediate opening for a Vice President of Human Resources. This position is responsible for directing all the organization’s human resources, in accordance with the policies and practices of American Progress; legal and other regulatory rulings; and industry best practices. The Vice President will work with the Chief Operating Officer to provide strategic human resource planning to various stakeholders. The Vice President will also supervise and manage day-to-day activities for the Human Resources team.

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Windows Security and Systems Engineer

American Progress is seeking a Windows Security and Systems Engineer to join the Technology Development team. This person will work closely with members of the Operations team, the Desktop Support team, and external consultants to ensure Windows systems are running securely and according to established best practices.

This position requires a strong attention to detail, excellent project management skills, and the ability to work under tight deadlines.

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