Senior Policy Analyst, Legal Progress

  • Reports to: Managing Director, Democracy and Government Reform
  • Staff reporting to this position: None
  • Department: Democracy and Government
  • Position classification: Exempt, full time


American Progress has an immediate opening for a Senior Policy Analyst for Legal Progress. The candidate will assist the Director of Legal Progress under the direction of the Managing Director for Democracy and Government Reform and the Vice President for Democracy and Government Reform. The work will include research and writing that helps the public better understand the connection between judicial rulings and issues that affect everyday life in America; raising awareness about the conservative takeover of the courts; and advancing judicial reforms that help the federal bench become more diverse and make the courts fairer and more accessible to the American people.

Over the past 40 years, conservatives have executed a rigorous strategy of using the courts to advance their ideological priorities. From undercutting civil rights, to constraining government, to protecting corporations from accountability, to weakening labor unions, the courts have served as the primary venue for some of the largest conservative gains over the past few decades.

Progressives have, for their part, overwhelmingly focused on advancing legislative solutions to address the major issues of the day, only to be repeatedly stymied by a court system that conservatives have increasingly titled in their favor. As such, the courts remain a significant barrier to addressing many of the major threats and challenges facing the United States—from climate change, to structural racism, to income inequality, to corporate control of the U.S. democracy.

As a multi-issue think tank with capacity across virtually every issue area, American Progress is uniquely situated within the progressive space to elevate the courts as a priority. The Senior Policy Analyst for Legal Progress will be a key component of our work with progressives to make the courts a priority and connecting judicial decisions to their effects on the lives of everyday people. This work will span a range of issues involving fair courts and access to justice in an effort to reform the operation of the courts.

This position may also entail maintaining relationships with coalition partners and engaging with communities affected by harmful court decisions.


  • Generate analyses and develop policy ideas that make the case for progressive action on the courts and expanded access to justice.
  • Assist in executing strategies that build political and public support for progressive engagement on the courts.
  • Research, write, and edit columns, issue briefs, and reports.
  • Collaborate with team members to execute communications and messaging strategies that elevate the salience of the courts and help the public understand the importance of key nominations and court decisions.
  • Engage in rapid response on the issues—such as through talking points, fact sheets, columns, op-eds, and other tactics as appropriate—and serve as a resource to media and policymakers.
  • Work closely with progressive allies to align strategic priorities and goals.
  • When appropriate, serve as a representative of American Progress at briefings, panels, and meetings to advance team goals and support other Democracy and Government Reform staff.
  • Assist the Director of Legal Progress and work collaboratively with the Research Assistant for Legal Progress at the direction of the Vice President and the Managing Director for Democracy and Government Reform.
  • Work closely with American Progress advocacy, policy, government affairs, and online staff, as well as the organization’s Communications staff, to drive narratives and advance goals.
  • Perform other duties as assigned.

Requirements and qualifications: 

  • A J.D. is strongly is preferred. Exceptional candidates with equivalent experience will also be considered.
  • Three to five years of professional experience in policy, government, or nonprofit work is strongly preferred.
  • Interest in the court system and ability to translate complex issues into compelling and resonant messages for the public.
  • Fluency in and appreciation for digital communication tools and strategies as a critical avenue for reaching mass audiences.
  • Experience working closely across multiple teams and an ability to establish productive collaborations and coalitions.
  • Appreciation for the importance of the court system in shaping the country and a passion for helping make the courts more progressive.
  • Familiarity with the federal judiciary process and the prominent legal issues that arise in federal courts is preferred.
  • Excellent written and oral communication and presentation skills.
  • Ability to work in a fast-paced environment.
  • Demonstrated aptitude for self-sufficiency and self-direction.
  • Ability to work successfully in a highly collaborative environment.

This position is part of a bargaining unit represented by IFPTE Local 70.

To Apply

Please follow the link below to the online application. When completing the application, be sure to combine your cover letter and resume/CV into one Word or PDF file and upload this combined document. The system does not allow for multiple files.

This announcement will remain posted until the position is filled. No phone calls, please.
Please note that only those individuals whose qualifications match the current needs of this position will be considered applicants and will receive responses from American Progress.
Thank you for your interest in American Progress.

Additional information

American Progress operates two separate nonprofit organizations to maximize the progressive agenda: the Center for American Progress and the Center for American Progress Action Fund. This job posting refers collectively to the two organizations under the name “American Progress.” The Center for American Progress is a nonpartisan 501(c)(3) tax-exempt research and educational institute. It undertakes research, public education and a limited amount of lobbying. The Center for American Progress Action Fund is a nonpartisan 501(c)(4) tax-exempt organization dedicated to achieving progress through action. It works to transform progressive ideas into policy through rapid-response communications, legislative action, grassroots organizing, political advocacy, and partnerships with other progressive leaders. The organizations share office space and employees.

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