Lia Cattaneo is a research associate for Energy and Environment Policy at American Progress, where she focuses on U.S. climate and energy policy, particularly in the transportation sector. Prior to joining American Progress, Cattaneo served as a career staffer in the Office of the Secretary of Transportation under Presidents Barack Obama and Donald Trump, where she advised on all manner of environmental issues. Cattaneo led the department’s work on climate change and national security, energy independence, and the National Climate Assessment.

Through undergraduate research and internships, Cattaneo helped to convince the University of Virginia’s Board to pass the world’s first nitrogen footprint reduction goal. She also co-authored Israel’s biennial report to the United Nations on climate change and contributed to the country’s commitments under the Paris Agreement.

Cattaneo holds a Bachelor of Science in civil engineering and environmental sciences from the University of Virginia. She was recognized as a Harry S. Truman Scholar in 2015.