Sen. Richard Durbin Discusses the DREAM Act, DHS’s “Deferred Action” Policy, and the Road Forward for DREAM Youth

A month ago the president announced a major program offering undocumented immigrant youth who would qualify for relief under the DREAM Act the chance to apply for “deferred action,” protecting them against deportation. Sen. Richard Durbin (D-IL) is an original sponsor and has been the foremost champion of the DREAM Act for the 11 years that the legislation has been pending. In recent years, he has profiled dozens of these youths, who call themselves DREAMers, on the Senate floor, bringing to life the stories and struggles of young immigrants who are American in all ways but a piece of paper. Sen. Durbin’s floor speech this week will mark the 50th DREAMer he has featured on the Senate floor.

Please join the Center for American Progress Action Fund, Sen. Richard Durbin, and several DREAMers for a discussion of the past, present, and future of the DREAM Act. Sen. Durbin will first speak about his continuing fight to pass legislation to safeguard immigrant youth, highlight the personal stories of some of the many people he has advocated for over the years, and announce the launch of “American Dreamers,” a new website featuring DREAMers whose stories he has told on the floor of the Senate. His remarks will be followed by a panel where DREAMers will discuss what the president’s announcement means for them and what work still needs to be done.

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A light lunch will be served at 11:30 a.m.