Beyond the Fiscal Cliff: U.S. Economic Strategy for the Next Decade

Addressing the year-end combination of spending cuts and tax hikes known as the “fiscal cliff” isn’t the only urgent agenda item for U.S. lawmakers and policymakers today. It’s even more crucial that we come together as a nation on a long-term economic strategy that ensures U.S. global competitiveness while responsibly addressing challenges such as rising inequality and educational achievement gaps.

Lawrence H. Summers, President Emeritus of Harvard University and former director of President Obama’s National Economic Council, will deliver a speech laying out his vision for a long-term U.S. economic strategy that goes beyond the fiscal cliff. Professor Summers will then join Neera Tanden, Counselor to the Center for American Progress Action Fund, for a wide-ranging discussion on this and other pressing economic issues, including economic growth, austerity, investment, and inequality.