Past Events

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School Vouchers and Segregation

No matter how well-intentioned, voucher programs continue to leave behind our most vulnerable students and the public schools they attend.

How Trump and Congressional GOP Budgets Leave Behind the Forgotten Men and Women

In his inaugural speech, President Donald Trump promised to lift up the “forgotten man and woman” who have been left behind—the same platform that propelled him to victory in 2016. But his proposed budget released in May reveals that his priorities lie with corporations and the 1 percent—at the expense of nearly everyone else. President Trump’s budget...

The Pulse Nightclub Shooting One Year Later

Please join the Pride Fund to End Gun Violence and the Center for American Progress Action Fund for a discussion of the political and advocacy landscape in the year after the Pulse shooting. We will discuss the intersections of LGBTQ and gun violence prevention advocacy over the last year, the recent rise of hate violence in the United States, the impact on affected communities, and how weak gun laws contribute to lethal hate-motivated violence.

Responding to Russia’s Attack on Democracy

Please join the Center for American Progress Action Fund and Senator Jeanne Shaheen for this important and timely discussion on Russia's interference in our election and the elections of our European allies.

Trump’s Broken Promises to Working Americans

Join the Center for American Progress Action Fund, Rep. Joseph Crowley (D-NY), and distinguished speakers as we discuss how President Trump's inaction and policy choices harm America’s working class.

The Trump Administration’s Immigration Policies

Join the Center for American Progress Action Fund and expert panelists as we examine the domestic and national security implications, as well as the community impacts, of the Trump administration's anti-immigrant and anti-refugee executive orders.

A Conversation with Cedric Richmond

Please join the Center for American Progress Action Fund for a conversation with the Chairman of the Congressional Black Caucus, Representative Cedric Richmond (D-LA), as he outlines the caucus agenda for the 115th Congress.