Explore the Data: Unequal Access

These interactive tables accompany the report “Unequal Access: A County-by-County Analysis of Election Administration in Swing States in the 2012 Election."


Florida’s Worst Election Offenders

A county-by-county analysis of the Florida election administration in the 2012 election reveals wide disparities in voting accessibility in different parts of the state.


Grand Theft Election

Republicans are trying to pass a new Electoral College system that will ensure victory in future presidential elections, and it’s all thanks to redistricting.

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Federal Courts in Crisis

Today, more than 160 million Americans – over half of the U.S. population – live in a community with a federal courtroom vacancy. That means that there simply are not enough judges on the bench to hear the cases that are piling up. The third branch of government is not functioning because our nation’s courts – where Americans vindicate their most cherished constitutional rights – do not have a full complement of judges on the bench. At the same time, it’s clear that no matter the issue – health care, immigration, environment, marriage equality, consumer protection – the judiciary will continue to play an increasingly important role in the lives of all Americans as well as in the success of the progressive legislative agenda.

Please join the Center for American Progress Action Fund and the Committee for a Fair Judiciary for a discussion on the process and politics of judicial confirmations, the impact of the judicial vacancies crisis, and solutions for 2012 and beyond.


When It’s Racist, Say So

The current political efforts of extremist conservatives and Tea Party leaders to challenge basic U.S. human rights smacks of rank racism, write Sam Fulwood III and Henry Fernandez.