Stacey Abrams and the Fight for Voting Rights

If there’s a lesson that Stacey Abrams has taught us, it’s to never concede a cause that’s worth fighting for. The former candidate for governor of Georgia joined Ed and Daniella this week to talk about her work with Fair Fight 2020, a new group that seeks to ensure that every American has their right to vote protected. Abrams, who is a member of the board of directors at the Center for American Progress, also offers some insight on how progressives can build winning and inclusive electoral coalitions.

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Daniella Gibbs Léger is the executive vice president for Communications and Strategy at the Center for American Progress Action Fund. Ed Chung is the vice president for Criminal Justice Reform at the Action Fund. Chris Ford is the broadcast coordinator for Communications at the Action Fund. Dwayne Greene is the director of Broadcast Communications at the Action Fund. Adam Peck is the senior media coordinator at the Action Fund.