Jon Lovett Helps Us Wrap Up the Longest Year Ever

In the final episode of 2020, “Pod Save America” co-host and former Obama speechwriter Jon Lovett joins “The Tent” to reflect on the final days of one of the longest, worst years ever. And with President-elect Joe Biden marching steadily toward Inauguration Day, a COVID-19 vaccine currently in circulation with another on the way, and Donald Trump on the verge of unemployment, 2021 is already showing some promise.

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Daniella Gibbs Léger is the executive vice president for Communications and Strategy at the Center for American Progress Action Fund. Jesse Lee is a vice president for Communications at the Action Fund. Chris Ford is the senior broadcast coordinator for Communications at the Action Fund. Dwayne Greene is the director of Broadcast Communications at the Action Fund. Adam Peck is the senior media coordinator at the Action Fund.