The Politics of Posterity

Maryland governor leads with fiscal responsibility and a sense of duty to future generations.



Introducing the Hyde Park Project

The Center for American Progress Action Fund has assembled a new policy war room to make the progressive case in the ideological debate.



A New Era of Progress in the States

State-level leaders came to the Center for American Progress to show Washington D.C. what the states are doing to advance progressive public policy.



100 Days Agenda

The election has given progressives the opportunity to prove themselves. Here is an agenda for the new Congress' first 100 days.


California Voter Guide 2006

Days from now, voters in California will have the opportunity to make their voices heard on 13 ballot propositions. The outcome of the vote will have a direct impact upon education, civil rights, women’s rights, transportation issues, budgetary issues, homeland security, and oil dependence in the state. This will also be an opportunity for voters to steer...


Framing Katrina

Hurricane Katrina revealed the failure of conservative philosophy; liberals need to stand up for their approach to governing.


Movement Interruptus

September 11 slowed the Democratic trend that we predicted, but the coalition we foresaw is still taking shape.


Progressive Victories

In the November 2 election state ballots contained a nationwide total of 163 questions. And while the media has obsessed over the issue of same-sex marriage which was on the ballot in 11 states, less attention has been paid to other important votes related to jobs, healthcare, education, and the environment.