Strategies To Build Worker Power in Maine

Authors David Madland and Malkie Wall discuss how Maine policymakers can improve the state’s economy and democracy by building worker power.

Prevailing Wages: Frequently Asked Questions

Authors Malkie Wall, David Madland, and Karla Walter answer frequently asked questions about prevailing wages.

A How-To Guide for Strengthening State and Local Prevailing Wage Laws

Authors Karla Walter, Malkie Wall, and Alex Rowell provide a road map for state and local policymakers working to create or strengthen prevailing wage laws, explain core features of prevailing wage legislation, and lift up existing best practices from around the county.

Raising the Bar

Authors David Madland, Malkie Wall, and Alex Rowell detail how states and cities can set minimum compensation standards for private sector employees that reference prevailing wage and benefit rates.


Unions Are Democratically Organized, Corporations Are Not

The authors make the case that in order to strengthen political democracy, policymakers should support the creation of democratically organized groups such as unions.