Responsible Investment: A Budget and Fiscal Policy Plan for Progressive Growth

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The economic transformation envisioned in the Progressive Growth series of papers, which boast clear sets of policy plans to transform America’s economy through clean energy, innovation, and opportunity, requires a progressive economic program that is fiscally responsible as well as pro-growth. Our latest Progressive Growth paper, “Responsible Investment: A Budget and Fiscal Policy Plan for Progressive Growth,” details how the next administration and Congress can do that.

Our plan will not only help ensure future U.S. economic prosperity but also is affordable and can be paid for in a way that supports the progressive values of work, fairness, and simplicity. How? By accelerating America’s transformation to a low-carbon economy, by spurring innovation to sustain productivity growth and job creation, by rebuilding the ladder of opportunity by restoring economic security and mobility, and by creating a virtuous circle of rising economic fortunes for a growing global middle class.

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