Progressives must listen to voters and stand for our values in 2018

On the heels of his failed promises to protect Dreamers, President Trump delivered his second budget proposal to the American public this month. For the second time, he is asking Congress to decimate programs critical to American families. When it comes to lending support to vulnerable or marginalized communities, the Trump administration continues to make its values and priorities crystal clear.

Progressives should do the same. The progressive agenda as we know it is founded on values of opportunity, freedom and equality. We believe government can be a force for good. We believe that government should not only ensure equal opportunity, it should protect and nurture it. As negotiations, debates and legislative markups on Trump’s proposed budget continue, progressive members of Congress need to remember the values and policies critical to their base. For most, these are same values and policy platforms that got them elected.

The above excerpt was originally published in The Hill.