Biden’s first year: what it means for 2022 and the midterms

CAP Action CEO Patrick Gaspard reflects on President Biden’s extraordinary first year in office and looks ahead to 2022, urging Democrats to find a path forward on issues like climate change, the social safety net and voting rights.

City poised to set labor standards by sector

David Madland praises a new Detroit city ordinance that would create a process for bringing together representatives of workers, employers, and the public to make recommendations around minimum compensation and standards for certain industries.

A Trump party without Trump

Author Jesse Lee argues that, without Donald Trump as its leader, the Republican Party has been directionless and concerned only with opposing efforts to address the pandemic and promoting dangerous lies about the 2020 election.

Higher Pay For Caregivers

Karla Walter explores how higher home care wages reduce economic hardship and improve recruitment and retention.

Event Recap: Labor Unions and the Future

David Madland's new book explains how to design a new labor system for today's economy with enhanced rights for workers, incentives for union membership, and greater sectoral bargaining.