The Problem With Our Twitter President

Will Ragland discusses President Trump's Twitter habit—and why there is no discernible division between his online presence and real-life actions.

We Need Bold, Progressive Leadership on Abortion

Author Jamila Taylor argues that progressive leaders must prioritize access to abortion and affirm women's right to choose in the face of renewed conservative attacks.

Mueller reveals US and Europe have a Russia problem

Max Bergmann and James Lamond explain why the results of the Mueller investigation suggest that the United States and Europe should take Russian attacks on democracies seriously.

Stop It With the Sexist ‘Likability’ Test

Author Juanita Tolliver argues that it is time to end the sexist double standard for women running for office; instead of speculating about candidates' "likability," news outlets need to focus on their policy ideas, accomplishments, and merit.


The Freedom to Leave

Karla Walter outlines why restricting noncompete agreements and banning no-poaching agreements can boost workers' pay and freedom in the economy.