Anti-Science Climate Denier Caucus

The U.S. Capitol Building is reflected in the Capitol Reflecting Pool on Capitol Hill in Washington.

Climate change is happening, and humans are the cause. But a shocking number of congressional Republicans—more than 55 percent—refuse to accept it.

One hundred and fifty-seven elected representatives from the 113th Congress have taken more than $51 million from the fossil-fuel industry, which is the driving force behind the carbon emissions that cause climate change. These representatives deny what more than 97 percent of climate scientists say is happening: Current human activity creates the greenhouse gas emissions that trap heat within the atmosphere and cause climate change.

And their constituents are paying the price, with Americans across the nation suffering 368 climate-related national disaster declarations since 2011. There were 25 extreme weather events that each caused at least $1 billion in damage since 2011, including Superstorm Sandy and overwhelming drought that has covered almost the entire western half of the United States. Combined, these extreme weather events were responsible for 1,107 fatalities and up to $188 billion in economic damages.

Click on a state below to see how its members of Congress refuse to believe that there is a climate problem to address:

Tiffany Germain is the Senior Climate/Energy Researcher for the ThinkProgress War Room at the Center for American Progress Action Fund.