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Tapping America’s Unconventional Oil Resources for Job Creation and Affordable Domestic Energy

Testimony Before the House Committee on Science, Space, and Technology

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SOURCE: Center for American Progress Action Fund

Download the full testimony (pdf)

Chairman Hall, Ranking Member Johnson, and members of the committee, thank you very much for the opportunity to testify today on “Tapping America’s Unconventional Oil Resources for Job Creation and Affordable Domestic Energy: Technology and Policy Pathways.”

My name is Daniel J. Weiss. I am a Senior Fellow at the Center for American Progress Action Fund, a tax-exempt organization dedicated to improving the lives of Americans by transforming progressive values and ideas into policy.

In my testimony, I will address the impacts that new technologies and the expansion of domestic oil supply may have on oil and gas markets in the near-term; some of the factors that determine the price of gasoline at the pump; policy and technology pathways that may lessen the impact of high energy prices on consumers; and the ways environmental and workforce safeguards have impacted domestic oil production and prices in recent years.

I will also address some valuable recommendations by the National Petroleum Council in its report, “Prudent Development: Realizing the Potential of North America’s Abundant Natural Gas and Oil Resources.”

Download the full testimony (pdf)

Daniel J. Weiss is a Senior Fellow and Director of Climate Strategy at American Progress.

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