David Daley on Unrigging America’s Broken Democracy

While pundits have pegged the coronavirus pandemic as an “equalizer,” experts have begun to note just how differently Americans are feeling its impacts. On the pod this week, our hosts are joined by CAP Action’s Danyelle Solomon to talk about how Black Americans have borne the brunt of this health and economic crisis. Later, they speak with journalist David Daley about the Wisconsin primary, gerrymandering, and his new book: Unrigged: How Americans Are Battling Back to Save Democracy.

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Daniella Gibbs Léger is the executive vice president for Communications and Strategy at the Center for American Progress Action Fund. Ed Chung is the vice president for Criminal Justice Reform at the Action Fund. Chris Ford is the senior broadcast coordinator for Communications at the Action Fund. Dwayne Greene is the director of Broadcast Communications at the Action Fund. Adam Peck is the senior media coordinator at the Action Fund.