The Damage of Anti-Immigrant Laws and Rhetoric

CAP’s Sally Steenland and Angela Kelley discuss the effects of harsh immigration laws and how hateful rhetoric on the campaign trail could hurt Republican candidates this fall.


140,000 Faith Leaders Push for Health Reform

The "40 Days for Health Care Reform" Campaign launches with a call including President Barack Obama and Domestic Policy Advisor Melody Barnes.


Red Faith Blue Faith

Susan Brooks Thistlethwaite and Sally Steenland examine the increasingly progressive preferences of religious voters.


The Evolution of Religion in Politics

CAPAF event brings together authors to discuss the role of religion in the current presidential race and the changing views of evangelicals.

Center for American Progress, 1333 H St. NW, Washington, DC, 20005

Senator Harry Reid on American Values that Honor Americans: A Common-Ground Approach to Preventing Unintended Pregnancies

In a summer that has seen leaders in Washington try to divide America through fear and divisive issues like gay marriage and flag burning, Senator Reid will talk about his vision to bring America together around the values all Americans share. Senator Reid, a Democrat who opposes abortion, will pay particular attention to an issue too often used to divide and conquer - abortion - and talk about how we can all support common-sense, common-ground approaches that put prevention of unintended pregnacy and promotion of women's health first.