PRESS CALL ADVISORY: Republicans’ Continuing Attacks on Health Care and Proposals on ‘Welfare Reform’ Are a Political Disaster

Washington, D.C. — New polling revealed that large majorities of Americans—across demographic and party lines, and including Trump voters—overwhelmingly reject GOP proposals to cut programs such as Medicaid, nutrition assistance, and other basic benefits. Yet the Republican tax plan—which is a massive giveaway to millionaires and big corporations—paves the way for just those kinds of cuts. Tomorrow, February 9, Sen. Chris Van Hollen (D-MD), polling experts, and a Medicaid beneficiary will join CAP Action on a press call to discuss the electoral implications of Republicans’ continued obsession with cutting health care and the social safety net to pay for tax breaks for the very wealthy.

Press call on political ramifications of the Republican tax plan, health care cuts, and “welfare reform”


  • Sen. Chris Van Hollen, Chairman, Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee
  • Navin Nayak, Executive Director, Center for American Progress Action Fund
  • Andraea Lavant, Medicaid beneficiary; relies on Medicaid for disability services to work and live independently

Friday, February 9

11:00 a.m. ET

Phone number: 888-378-4439
Confirmation code: 7832901

Members of the media interested in joining the call should RSVP at .