RELEASE: CAP Action Releases The Moscow Project, A Central Hub for the Trump-Russia Investigation

Washington, D.C. — Today, the Center for American Progress Action Fund unveiled, a new website dedicated to uncovering the truth about Trump and Russia.

“Every day, we learn more about Donald Trump’s ties to Russia, and the walls are caving in around the White House,” said Adam Jentleson, Senior Strategic Adviser and Rapid Response Director at CAP Action. “The American people need answers now. That’s why we’re launching to serve as a unique, central hub for everything you need to know about the jaw-dropping Russia story.”

Since the Steele Dossier was first published, many of its allegations have been substantiated or disproven by reports from the news media and intelligence community. The Moscow Project has been keeping track, and now, we’re turning to the public to crowdsource the investigation.

Our new site annotates the Steele Dossier, allows Genius users to contribute their findings, provides a detailed timeline of Trump’s Russia ties, and profiles the key players. Questions or annotations can also be submitted using our confidential tip line, .

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