RELEASE: Navy Veteran and Doctor Criticizes Trump as a Self-Proclaimed ‘Wartime President,’ Says Strategy Shouldn’t Change ‘Every Hour or Every Tweet’

Washington, D.C. — The Center for American Progress Action Fund is releasing a new video to highlight the stories of health care workers such as Dr. Max Cooper, an emergency physician and U.S. Navy veteran who treats COVID-19 patients in Pennsylvania. Even as President Donald Trump fails to provide hospitals and front-line workers with ventilators and personal protective equipment or to usher comprehensive, widespread testing across the country, he has likened his work to that of a “wartime president”—but as Dr. Cooper says in the video that President Trump’s chaotic response to the COVID-19 outbreak proves he is anything but. 

“I was frustrated when President Trump called himself a wartime president. Right now, our citizenry’s biggest attacker is this disease,” Dr. Cooper said. “I think a wartime president needs to be decisive, and they need to have a carefully planned strategy. It needs to not be changing every hour or every tweet. It’s a national emergency, not an emergency of all 50 states. I don’t think he is doing a good job on uniting Americans in a crisis.” 

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