RELEASE: President Biden Cleans Up Vaccine Distribution Mess Trump Left Behind

Last month, President Joe Biden inherited a vaccine distribution program that seemed set up for failure. This past weekend, Vice President Kamala Harris emphasized, “There was no national strategy or plan for vaccinations.” The Biden administration has impressively begun a dramatic turnaround that is already showing greater results. White House COVID-19 response coordinator Jeff Zients revealed in a February 9 briefing, “When we came into office three weeks ago, the weekly delivery was 8.6 million [vaccine] doses. And today [February 9] we’re announcing that we will increase weekly vaccine doses going to states, tribes, and territories to 11 million. So that is a total of a 28 percent increase in vaccine supply across the first three weeks.”

The comparison between what the Trump Administration accomplished over more than half a year and what the Biden administration accomplished in its first few weeks is stark. Last week, the Center for American Progress Action Fund published a breakdown of the differences between the two responses.

For a more detailed breakdown on the Trump administration’s vaccine distribution failures, see CAP Action’s full timeline.

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