STATEMENT: ThinkProgress Editor-in-Chief Jodi Enda’s Statement on ThinkProgress’ Independent Journalism

Washington, D.C. — Jodi Enda, editor-in-chief of ThinkProgress, released the following statement today on ThinkProgress and Sen. Bernie Sanders:

ThinkProgress is an editorially independent journalistic entity. Neither CAP nor CAP Action reviews our work before we hit publish. Neither CAP nor CAP Action had anything to do with the article or video related to Sen. Sanders or articles related to any other political leader. ThinkProgress’ independence was previously addressed by former editor-in-chief Faiz Shakir, who now runs Sen. Sanders’ campaign.

Like journalists at other news organizations, ThinkProgress reporters and editors work hard every day to produce quality journalism. Political leaders should not be able to muzzle or stop critical coverage. We have reported stories that could be viewed as critical about other Democratic candidates as well. No one else has complained or tried to pressure us to change our journalism. We will not take sides in the Democratic primaries, and we will continue to report on issues that are important to our audience.

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