STATEMENT: Senate Republicans Just Greenlighted Trump’s Health Care Arson, Says CAP Action’s Maura Calsyn

Washington, D.C. — Today, the U.S. Senate blocked a procedural motion to defund the Trump administration’s lawsuit to terminate the Affordable Care Act, including protections for preexisting conditions. Maura Calsyn, managing director of Health Policy at the Center for American Progress Action Fund, released the following statement:

Senate Republicans made clear that they are accomplices in President Donald Trump’s health care arson. There’s never a good time to take away health care, but doing so in the middle of the pandemic is downright cruel.

If Republicans put another justice to rubber stamp Trump’s health care agenda on the Supreme Court and his lawsuit succeeds, more than 20 million Americans would lose coverage. Without health insurance, many Americans may risk their own lives, forgo treatment, and unwittingly spread COVID-19—putting essential workers at risk and prolonging the recession. Further, more than 130 million Americans with preexisting conditions—including more than 7 million Americans infected with COVID-19—could be denied coverage or charged more for health care.

It’s past time for Senate Republicans to stop playing games with Americans’ health care and focus on providing relief for families struggling because of the pandemic.

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