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Extorting Ukraine for political gain

As Trump hurts our economy, he’s fixated on extorting Ukraine

Jobs numbers continue to sputter, and the economy continues to show signs of weakness. Wisconsin and Pennsylvania lost the most factory jobs in the country last year, and the steel industry—which was supposed to be the winner of Trump’s trade war by tweet—is in real trouble.

But Trump isn’t focused on any of that. Instead of helping working Americans like he promised, Trump is:

  • Ranting on Twitter: A new CNN analysis found that Trump has tweeted an average of 83 times per week in 2019—a 43% increase from last year.
  • Extorting foreign governments: Trump allegedly used $250 million in our tax dollars as a bargaining chip to demand that Ukraine attack his political opponent, former Vice President Joe Biden. He’s even admitted that he pressured Ukraine’s president to open an investigation into Biden that reporting shows is bogus. That’s one of the most corrupt things a president can do. And to no one’s surprise, Trump’s Republican enablers are helping him get away with it again.

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