Event Recap: Labor Unions and the Future Article

Event Recap: Labor Unions and the Future

David Madland's new book explains how to design a new labor system for today's economy with enhanced rights for workers, incentives for union membership, and greater sectoral bargaining.

David Madland

What Is Sectoral Bargaining? Article
A custodian cleans the bathrooms at the Cecil County Health Department in Elkton, Maryland, on January 5, 2016. (Getty/Astrid Riecken)

What Is Sectoral Bargaining?

Sectoral bargaining is a form of collective bargaining that extends negotiated wages, benefits, and workplace standards across an entire occupation, industry, or region.

David Madland, Malkie Wall

The State of Our Unions Article
A sign saying “Vote Union” sits on a chair at the Philadelphia Council AFL-CIO Workers Presidential Summit in Philadelphia, September 2019. (Getty/Bastiaan Slabbers/NurPhoto)

The State of Our Unions

Despite the economic expansion, union density has continued to fall across demographic groups, industries, and occupations, as well as in most states.

Malkie Wall, David Madland

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