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American Progress Staff

  • Neera Tanden, President and CEO, Center for American Progress and Center for American Progress Action Fund
  • Carmel Martin, Executive Vice President, Policy
  • Winnie Stachelberg, Executive Vice President, External Affairs

Senior Staff

Distinguished Senior Fellows

Tom Daschle
Austan Goolsbee
Lawrence H. Summers

Senior Fellows

The Senior Fellows program includes a broad and diverse community of policy experts and scholars who develop policy ideas and analysis that contribute to the progressive policy agenda of American Progress. These ideas help to shape and influence the public debate and policy debate about the most important issues facing our nation and the world. American Progress does not accept unsolicited proposals to participate in our Senior Fellows program.


Alex Ault, Associate Director, Operations
Erin Green, Director, Internship Program
Ashley Marvel, Managing Director, Administration
Lisette Pylant, Office Manager
Mercedes Sparenberg, Payroll and Benefits Manager
Bruce Thomas, Receptionist

Art and Editorial

Will Beaudouin, Assistant Managing Editor
Carl Chancellor, Director, Editorial
Katherine Downs, Assistant Editor
Kulsum Ebrahim, Video Editor and Producer
Victoria Ford, Assistant Editor
Chester Hawkins, Senior Graphic Designer
Emily Haynes, Associate Editor
Andrew Lomax, Data Visualization Producer
Meredith Lukow, Managing Editor
Meghan Miller, Associate Editor
Pete Morelewicz, Director, Art
Andrew Satter, Director, Video
Kyle Schnoebelen, Associate Editor
Erin Whalen, Associate Graphic Designer


Beenish Ahmed, World Reporter, ThinkProgress
Adriane Alicea, Special Events Coordinator
Tanya Arditi, Associate Director of Communications, Immigration and Progress 2050
Emily Atkin, Climate Reporter, ThinkProgress
Abby Bar-Lev, Policy Analyst, Legal Progress
Sarah Baron, Campaign Manager, Early Childhood Policy
Liz Bartolomeo, Managing Director, Communications
Tom Caiazza, Associate Director, Media Relations
Molly Cain, Research Associate
Billy Corriher, Director of Research, Legal Progress
Bryce Covert, Economic Policy Editor, ThinkProgress
Todd A. Cox, Director, Criminal Justice Policy
Tara Culp-Ressler, Health Editor, ThinkProgress
Alejandro Dávila Fragoso, Climate Reporter, ThinkProgress
Kristen Ellingboe, Senior Researcher
Ryan Erickson, Associate Director, Economic Campaigns
Jake Faleschini, Director, Courts Program, Legal Progress
William Flanagan, Director, Special Events
Victoria Fleischer, Video Producer, ThinkProgress
Zack Ford, LGBT Editor, ThinkProgress
Phoebe Gavin, Social Media Editor, ThinkProgress
Natasha Geiling, Climate Reporter, ThinkProgress
Nicole Gentile, Deputy Director, Public Lands
Lindsay Gibbs, Sports Reporter, ThinkProgress
Jessica Goldstein, Culture Editor, ThinkProgress
Rob Griffin, Policy Analyst, Progressive Studies
Jamal Hagler, Research Assistant, Progress 2050
Darrah Hall, Special Assistant, Legal Progress
Lauren Harmon, Voting Campaigns Director
Erica Hellerstein, Investigative Reporter, ThinkProgress
Josh Israel, Senior Investigative Reporter, ThinkProgress
Jack Jenkins, Senior Religion Reporter, ThinkProgress
Chelsea Kiene, Senior Media Coordinator
Ryan Koronowski, Co-Editor, ClimateProgress
Kiley Kroh, Senior Editor, ThinkProgress
Sara Langhinrichs, Social Media Director
Matt Lee-Ashley, Director, Public Lands
Esther Lee, Immigration Reporter, ThinkProgress
Kira Lerner, Political Reporter, ThinkProgress
Rita Medina, Immigration Campaign Manager
Jennifer Molina, Ethnic Media Coordinator
Alice Ollstein, Political Reporter, ThinkProgress
Jonathon Padron, Business Operations Manager, ThinkProgress
Samantha Page, Climate Reporter, ThinkProgress
Anna Perina, Special Assistant
Dylan Petrohilos, Digital Reporter, ThinkProgress
Charles Posner, Policy Manager
Allison Preiss, Director, Media Relations
Alan Pyke, Deputy Economic Policy Editor, ThinkProgress
Casey Quinlan, Education Reporter, ThinkProgress
Will Ragland, Campaign Director, Education Policy
Laurel Raymond, Special Assistant, ThinkProgress
Brenden Riggs, Special Events Coordinator
Rachel Rosen, Senior Director, Broadcast Communications
Jenny Rowland, Research and Advocacy Associate, Public Lands
Justin Salhani, World Reporter, ThinkProgress
Aviva Shen, Senior Editor, ThinkProgress
Anisha Singh, Campaign Manager, Legal Progress
Patrick Smith, Social Media Reporter, ThinkProgress
Danyelle Solomon, Director, Progress 2050
Kami Spicklemire, Education Campaign Associate
Benton Strong, Managing Director, Communications
Emily Tisch Sussman, Campaign Director
Tori Taylor, State Communications Manager
Constance Torian, Special Events Coordinator
Carimah Townes, Criminal Justice Reporter, ThinkProgress
Sally Tucker, Special Assistant
Katie Valentine, Climate Reporter, ThinkProgress
Adrienne Varkiani, Associate Editor, ThinkProgress
Igor Volsky, Deputy Director
Coleton Whitaker, Education Campaign Associate
Lauren Williams, Technology Reporter, ThinkProgress
Alex Zielinski, Health Reporter, ThinkProgress


Michael Anderson, Major Gifts Officer
Julia Busch, Director, Foundation Relations
Alison Canavan, Director, Individual and Corporate Giving
Nicole Collins, Donor Relations Coordinator
Lara Flynn, Major Gifts Officer
Jon Roux, Special Assistant
Erin Sells, Foundation Relations Manager
Maria Weaver, Associate Director, Development Operations

Doctors for America

Rachel Curley, Program Coordinator
Brannon Jordan, Communications Director

Early Childhood Policy

Maryam Adamu, Research Associate
Katie Hamm, Senior Director, Early Childhood Policy
Rachel Herzfeldt-Kamprath, Policy Analyst
Jessica Troe, Policy and Outreach Coordinator
Rebecca Ullrich, Policy Analyst

Economic Policy

Kate Bahn, Economist
Danielle Corley, Research Assistant, Women's Economic Policy
Kevin DeGood, Director, Infrastructure Policy
Brendan V. Duke, Associate Director, Economic Policy
Sarah Edelman, Director, Housing Policy
Sarah Jane Glynn, Director, Women's Economic Policy
Andy Green, Managing Director, Economic Policy
Ethan Gurwitz, Research Assistant
Angela Hanks, Associate Director, Workforce Development Policy
Michael Madowitz, Economist
Shiv Rawal, Research Assistant, Housing Policy
Alex Rowell, Research Assistant
Andrew Schwartz, Research Associate
Harry Stein, Director, Fiscal Policy
Alexandra Thornton, Senior Director, Tax Policy
Joe Valenti, Director, Consumer Finance
Karla Walter, Director, American Worker Project
Michela Zonta, Senior Policy Analyst, Housing Policy

Education Policy

Perpetual Baffour, Research Assistant
Samantha Batel, Policy Analyst
Robert Hanna, Senior Policy Analyst
Stephenie Johnson, Policy Analyst
Annette Konoske-Graf, Policy Analyst
Max Marchitello, Policy Analyst
Tiffany D. Miller, Director, Education Innovation
Cherry Mullaguru, Special Assistant
Lisette Partelow, Director, Teacher Policy
Scott Sargrad, Managing Director, K-12 Education Policy
Chelsea Straus, Policy Analyst


Myriam Alexander-Kearns, Research Associate
Erin Auel, Special Assistant
Danielle Baussan, Managing Director, Energy Policy
Ben Bovarnick, Research Assistant
Alison Cassady, Director, Domestic Energy Policy
Michael Conathan, Director, Ocean Policy
Miranda Peterson, Research Assistant
Shiva Polefka, Policy Analyst, Oceans
Gwynne Taraska, Associate Director, Energy Policy

Executive Office

Hilary Badger, Special Assistant to the Executive Vice President for Policy
Senya Merchant, Special Assistant to the Executive Team
Maggie Polachek, Deputy Chief of Staff

External Affairs

Elena Berger, Director, Email Marketing and Audience Relations
Erin Cohan, Director, Intergovernmental Affairs
Pat Collier IV, Director, Government Affairs
Ryan Collins, Associate Director, Government Affairs
Tim Daly, Managing Director, Guns and Crime Policy
Sabrina De Santiago, Director, Government Affairs
Lisa DeCow, Email Marketing Manager
Patrick Dolan, Intergovernmental Affairs Manager
Jordan Jones, Research Associate, Guns and Crime Policy
Chelsea Kearns, Special Assistant, External Affairs
Mara Pellittieri, Online Strategy Manager
Greg Waples, Campaign Manager, Guns and Crime Policy
Eugenio Weigend Vargas, Senior Policy Analyst, Guns and Crime Policy
Alex Zaslow, Email Marketing Associate


Carolyn Davis, Senior Policy Analyst
Lauren Kokum, Special Assistant
Claire Markham, Outreach and Campaign Manager


Kola Adetola, Director, Accounting
Deborah Alston, Accounts Payable Specialist
Brion Elliott, Grant Accounting Manager
Mildred Hardin, Accounts Payable Manager
Kaitlin Heinz, Assistant Controller
Antoine Jordan, Special Assistant to the Chief Financial Officer and Senior Vice President, Finance and Administration
Clarice Pemberton-Cook, Staff Accountant

Generation Progress

Kristin Avery, Campaign Manager, It's On Us
Grace Aylmer, Special Assistant
Liana Bishop, Digital Communications Associate
Chelsea Coatney, Digital Director, Generation Progress
Kyle Epstein, Press Associate
Hannah Finnie, Senior Associate Editor
Sunny Frothingham, Senior Policy Advocate
Charlotte Hancock, Digital Director, Higher Ed Not Debt
Sheila E. Isong, Campaign Manager
Anne Johnson, Executive Director, Generation Progress
Rebecca Kaplan, Deputy Campaign Manager, It's On Us
Nicholas Kitchel, Senior Advocacy Associate
Jessica Morales, Policy Advocate
Mayu Takeda, Senior Advocacy Associate
Maggie Thompson, Executive Director, Generation Progress
Layla Zaidane, Managing Director, Generation Progress


Maura Calsyn, Director, Health Policy
Thomas Huelskoetter, Research Associate
Meghan O'Toole, Policy Analyst


Sanam Malik, Research Assistant
Silva Mathema, Senior Policy Analyst
Lizet Ocampo, Associate Director, Immigration
Philip E. Wolgin, Managing Director, Immigration


Andrew Cray, In Memoriam
Laura E. Durso, Senior Director, LGBT Research and Communications Project
Sharita Gruberg, Senior Policy Analyst
Sarah McBride, Campaigns and Communications Manager
Ashe McGovern, Policy Analyst
Aaron Ridings, Associate Director, LGBT Research and Communications Project
Caitlin Rooney, Special Assistant


Anne Dechter, Legal Counsel
Audrey Juarez, Legal Project Coordinator
Praveen Madhiraju, Legal Counsel
Laura Napoliello, Legal Assistant
Stephanie Thomas, Legal Assistant

National Security and International Policy

Muath Al Wari, Senior Policy Analyst
Nathan Fenstermacher, Managing Director, National Security and International Policy
Brian Harding, Director, East and Southeast Asia
Melanie Hart, Senior Fellow; Director, China Policy
Max Hoffman, Associate Director, National Security and International Policy
Peter Juul, Policy Analyst
Carolyn Kenney, Research Associate, Sustainable Security and Peacebuilding Initiative
John Norris, Executive Director, Sustainable Security and Peacebuilding Initiative
Ken Sofer, Senior Policy Advisor

Postsecondary Education

Elizabeth Baylor, Director, Postsecondary Education
Antoinette Flores, Policy Analyst
Ben Miller, Senior Director, Postsecondary Education


Jackie Odum, Research Associate
Alyssa Peterson, Associate Editor,
Michael Richardson, Field Outreach and Advocacy Coordinator
Tracey Ross, Associate Director, Poverty to Prosperity Program
Eliza Schultz, Special Assistant
Rebecca Vallas, Managing Director, Poverty to Prosperity Program
Rachel West, Associate Director, Poverty to Prosperity Program


Christopher Bachmann, UNIX Systems Administrator
J.R. Boynton, Outreach Systems and Analytics Manager
Top Chamatsang, Desktop Support Lead Technician
John Cruces, Information Security and Systems Engineer
Demetrick DeVille, Desktop Support Technician
Eric Helvey, Chief Software Architect
James Honaker, Web Developer, Special Projects
Rhonda Malone, Director, Information Technology
Amir Meshkin, Lead Web Developer
Lauren Orsini, Web Developer
Horace Payne, Desktop Support Manager
Alex Pryor, A/V and Systems Engineer
Trinetra Rawls, Salesforce Administrator
Ron Warren, Web Developer
Trevor Williams, Salesforce Developer

Women's Health

Heidi Williamson, Senior Policy Analyst

Women's Initiative

Kaitlin Holmes, Special Assistant
Shilpa Phadke, Senior Director, Women's Initiative