Shane Bateman is a senior adviser for Finance at American Progress.

Before joining American Progress, Bateman served as the chief financial officer and head of contributions at icitizen—a civic engagement technology startup located in Nashville, Tennessee, with a mission to redefine how citizens establish a civic identity and engage with those who are elected to represent citizens on key issues that affect their lives. In this role, he led the organization’s finance, budget development, and human resources functions, as well as participated in the product development and marketing strategy of the icitizen platform and contributions platform.

Prior to joining icitizen, Bateman led the development of a mobile giving platform designed to transform the way donors give to charitable organizations and political candidates using their mobile devices.

Bateman also served as the CEO and CFO of Experience Works Inc.—a federal grantee for the Senior Community Service Employment Program, where he led the finance and operational teams. At Experience Works, Bateman also updated the organization’s budgeting, time reporting, and financial reporting infrastructure.

Earlier in Bateman’s career, he served as the controller of Paperboy Ventures—a private equity firm specializing in early stage technology investments—and as the chief accountant at the Inter-American Investment Corporation. Bateman is a certified public accountant and began his career at KPMG.