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14,000 Losing Coverage Every Day: A State-by-State Breakdown

14,000 Losing Coverage Every Day: A State-by-State Breakdown

A state-by-state breakdown of health insurance losses shows how many people are losing coverage each day.

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Last month, the Center for American Progress Action Fund released a report estimating that, because of the spiraling unemployment in the United States, approximately 14,000 workers lost their health insurance every day in December and January.

In the chart below, we’ve broken the number down by state according to each state’s share of the increase in unemployment over November and December (the most recent available data). States with larger populations and those that have been disproportionately hit economically bear a larger share of the increase in the numbers of people losing their insurance from becoming unemployed.

These numbers are estimates. The experience of any individual state may diverge from these numbers based on the particular eligibility requirements for state safety-net programs and the pervasiveness of employer-provided health insurance.

This chart also shows the most recently measured unemployment rate and uninsured rate to give a broader picture of the economic and health insurance context in each state.

health losses by state

Download the full chart (pdf)

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