A cabal of crooks.

It's another day in Trump's America—and another day to stand up for what's right. Get the facts to fight back.

President Donald Trump’s former campaign chairman Paul Manafort shares his former boss’ difficult relationship with the truth.

Special Counsel Robert Mueller alleged last night that Manafort violated the terms of his plea deal by lying repeatedly to investigators even after he pleaded guilty. Manafort “doesn’t agree with the prosecutors’ assertion.” As Trump continues his attacks on the Mueller investigation, it becomes clearer each day that members of his campaign—including his former campaign chairman—are massively corrupt.

A new report this morning indicates that Manafort secretly met with WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange at the Ecuadorian embassy in London, most recently around the time Manafort joined Trump’s presidential campaign in the spring of 2016. WikiLeaks released hacked Clinton campaign emails shortly thereafter. Manafort and WikiLeaks have both denied that the meeting took place, but Democratic Senators are demanding the Ecuadorian government confirm whether the report is true.

Trump can rant all he wants about the special counsel investigation. At the end of the day, with the details we know so far and those yet to come to light, the only narrative that makes zero sense is “no collusion.”

There are ten days until government funding expires. To keep the government, including the rule of law, truly functioning, Congress should refuse to pass any continuing resolution that doesn’t include protections for Mueller’s investigation.

See a new report from The Moscow Project—or a two-page summary—laying out the depths of the conspiracy carried out by the Trump campaign and Russia, as well as what the new Congress must do about it.


The images of tear gas being fired at barefoot children and defenseless mothers will be forever seared into this nation’s memory, just as the images of children in cages were.

Chaos and confusion broke out along the southern border on Sunday after months of Trump’s hateful, dangerous, and opportunistic rhetoric about the caravan and attacks on access to asylum in the U.S.

Trump’s response when questioned about the barbarism? He denied that tear gas was fired on child migrants (despite photo and video evidence) and claimed that the Border Patrol had to use force, because “they were being rushed by some very tough people” (again, despite the photo and video evidence).

We can meet the challenge of a few thousand children and families seeking protection in the U.S. But Trump isn’t interested in a real solution, only chaos. He is intent on wasting hundreds of millions of dollars to send the military to the border, spending billions on a pointless wall, and provoking confusion as an excuse for tear gas and rubber bullets.

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