Aiding and Abetting a Conspirator.

Michelle Goldberg of the New York Times is out today with an op-ed asking a question that has long been on our minds regarding the GOP’s servility to Trump in the Russia investigation: “Are Republicans Covering for Trump, or for Themselves?”

It’s an apt question considering the House Intelligence Committee that investigated Russian collusion is chaired by a former Trump Transition official, Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA), who was also a key witness in the investigation and was even accused of derailing it from the inside.

Out with his own NYT op-ed today titled, “Trump Is Being Manipulated by Putin. What Should We Do?”, Rep. Will Hurd (R-TX), who sits on the House Intelligence Committee with Rep. Devin Nunes, lambasts President Trump’s disgraceful performance at this week’s summit with Vladimir Putin. Hurd, who is a former CIA operative, criticized Trump for failing to defend the intelligence community, also adding that many Americans “have forgotten that Russia is our adversary, not our ally.”

No – Americans haven’t forgotten, but given the House GOP’s moves to end their Russia probe and vote down election security funding, one has to wonder if Hurd and his colleagues have.

Rep. Hurd asks “What should we do?” You could start with doing your jobs.

The GOP members on the House Intel Committee have completely abdicated their oversight roles in the Russia scandal to protect themselves and cover for president. Through every step of their corrupt investigation, they worked to denigrate the institutions that serve to protect Americans and check the powers of the president. The truth is, they are as responsible for where we find ourselves as Trump himself.

Our Moscow Project explains everything you need to know about the Republican Russia cover-up.


We have talked a lot about the #CultureOfCorruption in the Trump Administration and the many ways it lowers trust in government and blocks progress to well-paying jobs, affordable health care, and clean air and water for all Americans. Many Americans believe that government only serves special interests with no accountability to the American people.

We know the system needs to be fixed, and it can be fixed.

That’s why House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and CAP’s Neera Tanden sat down at the Center for American Progress Action Fund to discuss a bold anti-corruption, pro-voter package, “A Better Deal for Our Democracy.” The plan by Congressional Democrats presents strong, clear solutions to rebalance power to the people and to stop powerful special interests from corrupting our government.

Here is your recap from this week’s solutions to fix our democracy.

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