All Love For Putin

Trump continued his controversial, off-the-cuff statements yesterday when he praised Russian President Vladimir Putin for expelling hundreds of American diplomats from Russia. The comments shocked pretty much everyone—from politicians to diplomats—and immediately drew backlash. As a reminder, Putin’s decision to expel 755 diplomats came as a response to Congress’s overwhelming vote to enact strict sanctions against Russia for their interference in the 2016 election. Trump’s statements directly contradict the efforts of the Congress to prevent further Russian meddling in our democratic system.

Expelling 755 diplomats has a huge impact on the ability of the U.S. embassy in Russia to function effectively. The embassy provides critical information about so many aspects of Russia, including Russian military modernization, foreign policy intentions, and international health crises. Trump’s statements insults the men and women of the Foreign Service who serve our country abroad in tough and sometimes dangerous positions.

President Trump has become (in)famous for criticizing people on Twitter and in public statements. The New York Times has a complete list of over 350 people and things Trump has insulted. The list includes 14 Senators, 6 TV anchors, 10 columnists, 8 actors and actresses, 4 former U.S. Presidents, 10 news organizations, and 7 news correspondents, just to name a few. He’s attacked Arnold Schwarzenegger for low TV ratings, SNL for being “sad,” and Nordstrom for treating his daughter, Ivanka, “unfairly.” So who’s missing from this massive list? Vladimir Putin. Which begs the question—why?

It’s time to hold Trump accountable for his words—share this GIF showing his most egregious attacks on Twitter now!


The 2016 State of Climate report, released by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration yesterday, finds that 2016 was the planet’s hottest year in recorded history.

Now, more than ever, it’s crucial that we commit to protecting scientific efforts and funding resources to combat climate change. Join us at


Protections at Risk. Betsy Devos and President Trump are seeking to gut civil rights protections enforced by the Department of Education. These rules, which have been around for decades, are in place to ensure students have equal access to educational opportunities and if eliminated would adversely impact students of color, LGBTQ students, sexual assault survivors, women, and students with disabilities, among others. The National Women’s Law Center has created an easy tool to fight against these efforts. Check it out.

Zombie Repeal. Just when it seemed that the repeal of the Affordable Care Act might finally be dead in Congress, a repeal-only measure has reappeared in the House. The Freedom Caucus announced that they intend to file a discharge petition, which would force a vote, if it gets a majority of signatures.

#CallBS. A new campaign in Illinois aims to bring men on board to the fight to preserve and expand women’s access to reproductive health care. The campaign asks the question: “Men don’t have to put up with this BS – why should women?” To learn more, check out their website here.

August Heats Up. The dominant theme of Resistance Recess has been health care, and many members of Congress are facing backlash in their town halls. Although many representatives are trying to shift the conversation to tax reform, it seems that health care will continue to haunt them in the weeks and months ahead.


Disappearing Funds. Without notice, the Trump administration has slashed key grant programs that fund teen pregnancy prevention programs. In Baltimore alone, the program is losing $3.5 million in funding, cutting services for 20,000 students. It’s unclear exactly what caused the cuts, although it’s suspected that the numerous Trump appointees in Health and Human Services who support abstinence-only sex education are to blame.

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