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Alliances and sacrifice: Two concepts foreign to Trump

Alliances and sacrifice: Two concepts foreign to Trump

It’s another day in Trump’s America—and another day to stand up for what’s right. Get the facts to fight back.

On the 75th anniversary of D-Day, Americans deserve a leader who embodies the values it represents

It’s been 75 years to the day since tens of thousands of American, British, Canadian, and other soldiers gave their lives together on the beaches of Normandy. That day was a turning point in our war against tyranny and hatred and is a powerful lesson in the importance of alliance and sacrifice—two concepts Trump has never understood.

Trump is in Europe representing the U.S. at events commemorating the D-Day invasion, and already he’s shown that he’s unfit to represent us. He’s spent much of the trip golfing, tweeting nonsensical lies, and fighting with celebrities on Twitter.

Americans deserve better representation on this historic day than Donald Trump, a man who attacks veterans (despite having used his own wealth and privilege to avoid service), sides with hostile foreign dictators over our democratic allies, and bans Americans who want to serve based simply on who they are or their immigration status.

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The Cost of Attacking Allies

Trump has threatened all of our allies who fought alongside us with tariffs at one point or another. His latest attack on one of our closest allies comes in the form of a reckless Twitter announcement of a 5% tariff on Mexican goods coming into the U.S.—not over any trade dispute, but over his immigration demagoguery.

Here’s why these tariffs are irresponsible and ineffective:

  • A 5% tariff on Mexican goods coming into the U.S. will do nothing to stem immigration at the U.S.-Mexico border, despite what Trump says. In fact, it will make the situation even worse, according to seven former U.S. ambassadors to Mexico.
  • Who will actually pay the cost of these tariffs? You will! The burden will land on American families to the tune of $900 per household per year.
  • Mexico is a key ally and trading partner, which means Trump’s erratic trade-war-by-tweet is bad for everyone involved.

Thinking CAP: What Trump can’t run away from

As Trump parades around Europe, insulting our allies and tweeting as he goes, CAP Action’s vice president of communications, Jesse Lee, joins Thinking CAP to remind us of the scandals that follow the president overseas.

Whether it’s the question of impeachment heating up in Congress, or his son-in-law, Jared Kushner’s, recent disastrous interview discussing birtherism, or the ongoing drip of corruption stories emanating from the highest rungs of his administration, things aren’t going great for Trump’s inner circle.

Learn more about the latest Trump administration scandals and listen to Lee and the Thinking CAP team break down the arguments around impeachment in this week’s episode.

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