“Also saves country money!”

That’s a direct quote from Trump defending his decision to go to his golf club in Bedminster, New Jersey this weekend. Mar-a-Lago, the “Winter White House” is closing for the “social season” so Trump has moved on to the Spring White House in Bedminster. And surprise, this trip does not save country money!

New CAP Action analysis estimates that a single trip to Bedminster costs taxpayers nearly $840,000. This marks the 8th weekend out of his 16 as president that Trump has spent vacationing. To keep track of all the money Trump is not saving by going on vacation, CAP Action has created IsTrumpAtBedMinster.org, which is a comprehensive tracker of all the money Trump has spent vacationing and records what else that money could be spent on. A particularly salient example? Trump headed to Bedminster last night after celebrating the House passage of Trumpcare, which guts Medicaid by $880 billion over 10 years. The money Trump has spent vacationing could fund Medicaid for 4,000 people.


Hold Congress accountable. Yesterday, the House voted to strip health coverage from millions of Americans. Then House Republicans celebrated the vote with beer and a Rose Garden reception. Now it’s time to hold them accountable. The House is home for recess now, which means it’s time for them to hear from you at home. Find an event near you at ResistanceNearMe.org.


“You have better health care than we do.” That’s what Trump told Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull yesterday, just hours after the House voted to pass the American Health Care Act, the Trump-backed health care plan also known as Trumpcare, which in its current form would lead 24 million Americans to lose insurance, strips protections for people with pre-existing conditions, and threatens protections under employer-sponsored health insurance plans. Australia, for its part, has a universal health care system paid for by taxes, something conservatives have consistently demonized.

Horse Races. The Derby isn’t the only one to watch this weekend. On Sunday France will head to the polls for the final vote in their presidential election. The race is between pro-EU candidate Emmanuel Macron and far-right Marine LePen. LePen and her far-right nationalist party have been historically racist and anti-immigrant, which is reminding people of another recently elected world leader. Relatedly, in a rare move, President Obama endorsed Macron.

Hot streak. The U.S. is on one. Literally. April marked the 29th month in a row where record high temperatures outpaced record lows. Last year, every single month saw more high temperatures than lows, making it the only year in history that has happened. The cause? Climate change. And yes, 180 members of Congress still deny its existence.

Dog and Pony Shows. Today marks the first of two “Doggy Days” at the Interior Department, during which employees are encouraged to bring their dog to work to “boost company morale.” While we are jealous of Doggy Days, the campaign is emblematic of the many publicity stunts that have marked Secretary Zinke’s time heading the agency. The Interior Department has a vast and important mission, but Zinke’s actions so far have been heavy on style and light on substance. The full story on the state of the Interior Department here.


#SB4isHate. Late Wednesday, the Texas Senate passed SB4, one of the first staunchly anti-immigrant bills to pass through a state legislature in the Trump era. The bill, now on Governor Abbott’s desk for his signature, would force state law enforcement to comply with ICE detainers and punish local governments for not enforcing federal immigration laws. The anti-immigrant bill also makes it all but certain that state and local police will be required to check the immigration status of anyone they encounter. It also prohibits jurisdictions in Texas from limiting these status checks even though jurisdictions know that immigrants and all Latinos are less likely to come forward and interact with the police if they believe that law enforcement will ask about their status or the status of their loved ones. Governor Abbot has not yet signed the law but he has said it is a priority. Call today to let Abbott know that #SB4isHate and unacceptable.


Revenge. Angry about yesterday’s Trumpcare vote? Channel that anger into something productive. Lots of other people did.

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