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As Advertisers Flee, Rush Continues Attacks on Sandra Fluke

As Advertisers Flee, Rush Continues Attacks on Sandra Fluke

TWELVE Advertisers Rush for the Exits from Limbaugh’s Show

In the midst of the growing backlash over Rush Limbaugh’s ongoing, virulent, and misogynistic attacks on Sandra Fluke, 12 advertisers have now suspended or permanently canceled their advertising on Limbaugh’s show, including three just in the time it took to write today’s Progress Report:

  • Sleep Number Beds
  • The Sleep Train
  • Legal Zoom
  • Quicken Loans
  • Citrix Systems/GoToMeeting
  • ProFlowers
  • Tax Resolution Services
  • AOL
  • Carbonite
  • Bonobos
  • Sears/Kmart
  • Allstate

Pseudo-Apology Not Accepted

While Limbaugh issued a statement on Saturday that both sort of apologized to Fluke and continued to attack birth control, the controversy shows no signs of dissipating.  In fact, Sandra Fluke appeared on The View today and said Limbaugh’s statement doesn’t “change anything.”  Watch it:

Fluke also said she’s not interested in an apologetic phone call from Limbaugh, saying, “I think the statements that he made on the air about me have been personal enough, so I’d rather not have a personal phone call from him.”

Limbaugh Launches Fourth Day of Attacks on Fluke

ThinkProgress’ Alex Seitz-Wald has the details on Limbaugh’s ongoing assault on Fluke:

While Limbaugh tempered his tone slightly, refraining from the most belligerent name calling he initially engaged in, he nonetheless went after Fluke personally, questioning her motives by portraying her as a deceitful and radical activist trying to undermine religion.

Limbaugh did some research into Fluke’s life and cast doubt on Fluke’s testimony before Congress, insinuating — without presenting any reason why — that Fluke’s testimony was fabricated. In this new narrative, first advanced by conservative blogs, Fluke is perhaps not a slut, but instead the pawn of a radical leftist conspiracy to infiltrate Georgetown to force the school to provide birth control coverage to students:

LIMBAUGH: Her testimony was not that of an expert, it was just another expert person in this case, Sandra’s case. 30-year old activist after years of a career championing birth control issues. In fact, she told stories less about birth control as a social tool, which is of course the left’s true agenda, and more about birth control as a medication for treating other conditions, such as pregnancy. To the left, pregnancy is a disease. […]

Sandra Fluke gave vague examples based on unnamed friends, who she says couldn’t afford birth control to treat medical conditions they had, since Georgetown University wouldn’t pay for them. … Or so she says. We still don’t know who any of these friends of hers are, these other women, and we don’t know what happened to them. Her testimony was hearsay, and it was unprovable. […]

But the point here is that this was an issue that represents a tiny, tiny slice of what the Democrats really want here. They use Sandra Fluke to create a controversy. Sandra Fluke used them to advance her agenda, which is to force a religious institution to abandon their principles in order to meet hers.

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