The New York Times released a leaked government report detailing the devastating impacts climate change is having—and will have—on our planet. The report, which was given to The New York Times out of fear that the Trump Administration would try to hide it, clearly links climate change to human activity, noting, “Many lines of evidence demonstrate that human activities, especially emissions of greenhouse (heat-trapping gases) gases, are primarily responsible for recent observed climate changes.” And it warns that the high temperatures that have been setting records across the country will continue and become “relatively common in the near future.”

It’s unclear whether the Trump administration intends to sign off on this report for public consumption. The censorship of climate science is nothing new for this Administration that has instead chosen to prioritize polluters at the expense of families across the country. Yesterday, it was reported that the USDA told employees to use the term “weather extremes” instead of “climate change.” This follows actions by the White House to delete climate change work from its websites, and comments by EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt and Energy Secretary Rick Perry denying the science behind climate change.


With the Trump Administration launching attack after attack on the environment, our world is more at risk than ever. But his reckless decisions won’t stop us. Tell the international community that you don’t stand with Trump on climate by signing the petition to say you’re still in! Then, tweet your support for the Paris Agreement using #IAmStillIn or the picture below! And fight back against the Administration’s attempts to censor scientists with the hashtag, #ScienceNotSilence.


Propaganda Machine. Censorship isn’t being confined to climate change science. It’s infecting all areas of this Administration, and the newest efforts are particularly disturbing. Trump TV was launched last week, and its intent is to combat “fake news.” But it’s doing just the opposite. The Washington Post has fact-checked some of the first episode here. Trump TV, which is being run by Trump’s daughter-in-law, Lara Trump, is also funded by the Trump re-election campaign. This isn’t real news—it’s just another campaign ad.

Divine Intervention. A town hall hosted by Representative Tim Walberg of Michigan has made headlines due to an extraordinary exchange. During the town hall, William Lawrence, a young man who identifies as Christian, confronted Walberg about his statement that God would “take care of” climate change. Lawrence noted that Walberg received $200,000 in campaign contributions from fossil fuel companies, but police then escorted Lawrence from the room.

Deafening Silence. Three days after the attack on the Dar Al-Farooq Islamic Center, residents of Minnesota are still waiting for the President to speak out about the crime, which Governor Mark Dayton has called “an act of terrorism.” It’s clearly not for lack of time, as Trump has tweeted over 20 times since then.

Sham Review. The fate of America’s national parks and monuments rests in the hands of a process without logic or transparency. The Trump administration has continued their flawed and politically motivated review of 27 national monuments, with an eye to alter or revoke them. For more insight on this contradictory process, read Interior Secretary Zinke’s guide to running a sham review.


School’s In Session. A new effort by the State of New York and the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office will invest $7.3 million to create a college-level education and training program for incarcerated persons. With more than 2,500 spots set to be developed, this program could revolutionize prison education programs and help thousands successfully reenter their communities.

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