Cruelty Meets Incompetence.

Trump will announce his Supreme Court nominee at 9pm tonight—a nominee who will vote to repeal Roe v. Wade, strip health care, voting, and workplace protections, and undermine the rights and values for which you have all fought so hard.

Join us immediately following the announcement at the Supreme Court, and stand up to reject Trump’s extremist nominee.


If there was any doubt that Trump’s immigration policy of ripping kids from their parents was purely vindictive and punitive, the fact that they had no plan whatsoever to reunite them should put that to rest.

Tomorrow, the Trump Administration will fail to reunite over half of the more than 100 children under five years old who have been brutally torn from their parents, despite a court order.

The DOJ says officials need more time to track down parents no longer in custody, including nearly 20 who have already been deported without their children.

Many of these children have been forced to attend immigration court proceedings alone—including a one-year-old boy who could do nothing but simply cry and ask for “agua” as a judge asked him if he understood the proceedings.

Care about this? Then you should care about the Supreme Court. Many potential SCOTUS nominees from Trump’s shortlist have demonstrated similar inclinations toward dehumanizing immigrants.


Over the weekend, the Trump Administration leveled yet another attack on women’s health and their ability to make their own parenting choices by opposing a United Nations resolution encouraging breastfeeding.

And they didn’t just oppose the resolution—they reportedly threatened to punish the country that initially was planning to introduce it because, evidently, it’s not okay to encourage mothers to breastfeed their babies.

Why in the world did the Trump Administration do this? We have a guess: corporate friends and baby formula manufacturers.

Once more, the Trump Administration is putting corporate interests over public health. And it’s not the first time the Administration has done so on the world stage: remember the Global Gag Rule?

This comes on the heels of the DOJ’s refusal to defend the ACA against an attack by Republican-led states, the effects of which could cause premiums to skyrocket and millions of women and girls to be charged more or lose coverage for pre-existing conditions.

Care about this? Then you should care about the Supreme Court. Trump’s SCOTUS nominee will have undoubtedly passed Trump’s litmus test to rip away a woman’s right to choose and to gut the Affordable Care Act.


Over the weekend, Rudy Giuliani set new conditions for a Mueller-Trump interview and called the Russia probe the “most corrupt investigation” he has ever seen.

Fitting, coming from the most corrupt Administration this country has ever seen.

It was also confirmed that the White House is blocking an interview with Chief of Staff John Kelly. In short, Trump is affirming that he will hold himself above the law and stonewall the investigation until somebody stops him.

Care about this? Then you should care about the Supreme Court. The final arbiter of whether Trump is actually above the law is, you guessed it, the Supreme Court. And indeed some short-listers have gone on record with dangerous beliefs on the subject. That’s why the absolute bare minimum requirement for a nominee is recusing themselves from any criminal investigation of Trump or his associates.

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