Today, on International Women’s Day, women across the globe are taking part in the “A Day Without A Woman” strike to fight back against gender inequality, gender-based violence, and attacks on reproductive freedom. So we wondered, what would really happen if all paid working women in the United States took a day off? The answer is striking: a full women’s strike for just one day would cost the country almost $21 billion.

Unfortunately, many working women don’t have the option of missing even one day of work. But whether or not you can take off work, you can still show your solidarity with working women. Here’s how:

  1. Avoid paid or unpaid work.
  2. Wear red to symbolize the labor movement, resistance, and love.
  3. Find a #resist action near you.
  4. Avoid spending money OR shop only at women or minority owned businesses.
  5. Share your activities on social media with the hashtag #DayWithoutAWoman.


#Trumpcare. Nobody seems to agree with it. Key Republicans in Congress from Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) to the House Freedom Caucus came out against the draft health care bill. The conservative Heritage Action called it “bad policy,” while FreedomWorks called it “Obamacare-lite.” (To be clear: the law is far from Obamcare, it covers fewer people, offers weaker protections, and raises costs.) Debate on the bill started in the House this morning, we’re tracking the amendments here. Follow along @CAPAction and with this doc to hold members accountable.

“I have nothing to do with Russia.” Add that to the list of Trump lies. Trump has a long history of working with—and lying about—Russia. The latest? Turns out Jeff Sessions isn’t the only one who tried to hide his meetings with Russian Ambassador Sergei Kislayk. Trump personally met with the Ambassador before an April 2016 foreign policy speech. Big surprise: the speech was well-received in Russia.

#HandsOff. During the campaign, Trump openly mocked people with disabilities. Now, he and Republicans in Congress are threatening to slash Medicaid, which 15 million people with disabilities, including children and seniors, rely on. Hear some of their stories, then share your own here or here.


Trump U. Turns out President Trump, who said “I don’t settle cases” and then settled a fraud lawsuit against Trump University for $25 million, may have to go back to court after all. Students took Trump University to court because they alleged they were cheated out of tuition money and were told misleading claims about what they would learn. Though the class action cases settled in November, students want the ability to sue President Trump individually, so he might have to find time in his Mar-a-lago schedule to go to court.


Just do it. Diversify the types of clothes you sell that is. Nike is making waves after they announced that they will be offering a new line of sports hijabs that Muslim athletes helped design. Nike is far from the first line to offer hijabs tailored for fitness activities—also check out Anah Maria Active’s sports hijabs.

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