Do You Want to Pay for a Tax Break for Millionaires?

GOP Plan: Raise Your Taxes, Slash Them for Millionaires

As we’ve been discussing for months, the core of the Romney-Ryan budget plan is massive tax cuts for wealthy paid for by increasing taxes on the middle class and slashing funding for Medicare, Medicaid, and basically everything else the government does — including programs that benefit the middle class each and every day.

A new study out today offers yet more confirmation of this sad reality.

Check out this great graphic from the Washington Post explaining how the GOP’s budget would impact taxpayers:

(Click for a full size version.)

Just to recap:

If you’re making $50,000-$100,000 a year, the GOP wants to raise your taxes by $4,479; however, the GOP wants to cut taxes on millionaires by a whopping $331,544.

IN ONE SENTENCE: The GOP wants to slash taxes on millionaires while leaving the middle class to bear the burden of higher taxes and fewer benefit.

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The Romney campaign abruptly cut off a press call after reporters started asking about immigration. Speaking of which, here’s a video showing how Romney refuses to answer direct questions about Obama’s immigration policy.

The GOP’s suicide mission on immigration.

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Nuns protested the Republican budget outside Rep. Paul Ryan’s (WI) office.

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