3 Easy Actions to Defeat Trumpcare

If you’re reading this, it’s not too late to do something to help defeat Trumpcare. Tomorrow, the House will vote on their plan to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act. Quick recap: This is the plan that will cause 24 million fewer people to be insured, increase costs for the average enrollee by $3,174, cost nearly 2 million jobs, and give Trump a $2 million tax cut.

News of the impact of this plan seems to have made its way to Capitol Hill where Speaker Paul Ryan is facing opposition from both sides despite last minute attempts (re: threats) from Trump. Right now, more than two dozen GOP members are considering voting against the bill, and that’s enough to defeat Trumpcare. Help us make sure we do. Find out what you can do here: TrumpcareToolkit.com


No Investigation, No Justice. It’s Day Three of his confirmation hearing and Judge Neil Gorsuch is still dodging questions that previous SCOTUS nominees have answered. Until the investigation into Russia’s interference in the 2016 election concludes, Democratic Senators Warren and Schumer are calling for a pause on Gorsuch’s consideration. Meanwhile, the actual SCOTUS unanimously rejected Judge Gorsuch’s approach to limiting protections of disabled children under the Individuals with Disabilities in Education Act (IDEA).

Laptop Ban. You can thank President Trump for making your international travel a lot more difficult. The administration just announced a new ban on many portable electronic devices (excluding smart phones) in plane cabins on U.S. bound flights from ten major airports across the Middle East and North Africa. More on what this means, here.

Hope in the resistance. We’ve got a climate denier in the White House and a Congress full of climate deniers all of whom are eager to undo years of progress in the fight against climate change. But the American people aren’t on their side and that’s where the hope comes in. Trump’s presidency has inspired civic engagement across the country, which can be used to push for climate action. Furthermore, mayors and governors can use their authority to continue to make progress in efforts to cut greenhouse gas emissions and protect their communities from climate change. More on how to fight climate change in the age of Trump here.


Another cabinet hearing. ICYMI with all the Russia, Trumpcare, and other goings on in Trump’s America, Alexander Acosta, President Trump’s nominee for Labor Secretary, has his confirmation hearing today in the Senate. Acosta is Trump’s second choice for this position. His first pick, Andrew Puzder, dropped out of the process after rumors swirled that he was a domestic abuser. Little is known about Acosta’s labor record, which is why it’s critical that Acosta tell the Senate in his hearing today about what he plans to do to help workers and their families.


“New Faces of Activism”. The new resistance project Wall-of-Us recently released a survey that shows a whopping 92% of new activists are women. #FutureisFemale.

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