This Fourth of July, it’s ‘Trump first’

It’s another day in Trump’s America—and another day to stand up for what’s right. Get the facts to fight back.

Trump’s “Independence Day” is more alarming than the 90s movie

The Fourth of July is supposed to be a celebration of American independence and values—two things Trump disgraces and threatens every day.

Instead, Trump is making the holiday a taxpayer-funded celebration of himself and his GOP donors with unnecessary, expensive military accessories.

So much for “America first.” This Fourth of July, it’s “Trump first,” as usual.

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Trump has spent the last two and a half years in office subverting American values:

  • Freedom of the press: Perhaps the most common refrain of Trump’s presidency (aside from the classic “WITCH HUNT”) is “fake news.” Trump relentlessly attacks the credibility of the press, whom he calls the “enemy of the people,” simply because they report facts about his corruption and crimes. Most recently, he “joked” to Russian President Vladimir Putin—well known for allegations that he murders critical journalists—that they should “get rid” of the press. Someone should force him to read the Constitution; press freedom is protected under the First Amendment. Even Trump can manage to read that far without getting distracted.
  • Freedom of religion: Trump’s racist, discriminatory Muslim Ban goes against one of the core principles on which America was founded. Religious liberty is a fundamental American right, and the Supreme Court failed to uphold it when its conservative majority ruled in favor of the Trump’s hateful ban.
  • Promoting democracy worldwide: Rather than supporting our Western democratic allies, Trump has aligned himself with dictators like Putin, North Korea’s Kim Jong Un, and Saudi Crown Prince MBS. Trump’s idolatry of these murderous tyrants endangers U.S. national security—and his constant insults of friendly foreign leaders weaken our alliances and credibility around the world.
  • Protecting our democracy: Trump’s contempt for our democracy is front and center in this administration. First, he colluded with a hostile foreign power to influence our 2016 elections. Now, not only does Trump allow the Russian attack on our democracy to continue today—he openly invites foreign interference. All of this on top of the constant GOP attacks on voting rights.

This Fourth of July—no matter which party you identify with—take the time to remember our shared American values.

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