The Trump Administration has spent the week declaring open season on immigrants and communities of color. And unfortunately we haven’t yet seen the worst of his draconian immigration policies. As soon as this afternoon, on International Holocaust Remembrance Day of all days, Trump is expected to take action to follow through on his long-promised “Muslim ban.” He is expected to sign an executive order suspending all refugee admissions, suspending Syrian refugee admissions indefinitely, and banning all immigration from several majority-Muslim countries.

The threat of this order already has affected the refugee resettlement process: The Department of Homeland Security has suspended refugee interviews in anticipation of the order. These interviews are a key part of the current extensive refugee resettlement process, which can take years.

Trump’s assault on immigrants and refugees comes at an incredibly high cost. First, alienating entire populations plays into the hands of our enemies and undermines the safety and security of the United States. Second, this series of immigration actions will come at a huge economic cost to the United States. But the economic cost of these attacks pales in comparison to the human cost. Trump’s draconian actions lay the groundwork for a mass deportation force that will tear millions of families apart. This assault on immigrants not only betrays America’s foundation as a country of immigrants but it goes against our core values of justice and compassion.


#AltoGimenez. Trump’s immigration orders are already affecting the lives of immigrants living in the U.S. Miami-Dade Mayor Carlos Gimenez became the first mayor to end the county’s position as a “sanctuary.” By forcing law enforcement agents in Miami-Dade to act as defacto immigration officers, Gimenez is damaging the police-community relationships in the county, which will make it harder for law enforcement officials to do their jobs. Today, Miami residents are protesting outside the Mayor’s office.

Here’s what you can do: call or tweet at Mayor Gimenez and tell him why you oppose his decision to give in to Trump’s racist and xenophobic policies.

  • Call Mayor Gimenez at 1-866-563-5608.
  • Use this sample script (or come up with your own):
    My name is _________. I am calling you to ask that you stand with immigrants in our Miami-Dade county. Please do not give in to Trump’s hateful and xenophobic policies. Miami-Dade needs to continue to be a welcoming place to immigrants.
  • .@MayorGimenez: Do not give in to Trump’s racist, xenophobic policies. Keep Miami-Dade a sanctuary. #AltoGimenez
  • .@MayorGimenez: I stand will immigrants, you should too. Keep Miami-Dade a sanctuary. #AltoGimenez
  • The 10th Amendment prevents federal gov’t from forcing localities to carry out regulatory schemes like Trump’s executive action #AltoGimenez


Off the Hook. Remember when Russia interfered in our elections to help Trump win the presidency? Apparently that doesn’t merit retaliation. President Trump is, unsurprisingly, considering lifting sanctions against Russia, and will be talking to Russian Pres. Vladimir Putin about it over the phone this weekend. BTW, Trump’s close adviser and ally Carter Page was allegedly offered a 19 percent stake (worth $11 billion) in Rosneft, the Russian state oil company if sanctions are lifted. Talk about pay for play. What can you do? Sign this petition to demand your member of Congress to support a bipartisan, independent investigation into Russian interference into the 2016 election. Right. Now.

Sabotage. That’s what the Trump Administration is trying to do to the Affordable Care Act even before he repeals it. Yesterday, the Trump Administration ordered HHS to stop all outreach efforts, including ads and email sends, encouraging people to enroll in Obamacare marketplace plans. In addition to being a blatant attempt to undermine the success of Obamacare, this effort also acknowledges what Trump has refused to say out loud: that repealing the law will have major consequences. You can still enroll in a marketplace plan through January 31st.

“Opposition Party.” That’s what Trump’s chief White House Strategist, Steve Bannon, called the media yesterday. He also said the media should “keep its mouth shut.” Trump’s long-standing war against the media is part of his larger war with facts and an attempt to avoid accountability and it is incredibly dangerous.

Rogue One(s). After being censored by Donald Trump, more and more federal agencies are launching “alt” or “rogue” Twitter accounts have emerged. The Twitter accounts are leading a large resistance against the anti-science and anti-fact Trump empire. See a list here (but don’t forget @Alt_DeptofED). Jyn Erso would be proud.

Big Brother. Is apparently watching immigrants, as President Trump is planning to publish a list of crimes committed by immigrants every week. This is just another example in a long list of hateful actions from the Trump Administration towards immigrants.


Make Economy Great Bad Again. Remember how Trump promised during the campaign that he would “be the greatest jobs president that God ever created?” Well he clearly wasn’t planning to keep that promise as he kicked off his Administration killing jobs by instituting a federal hiring freeze. Hiring freezes don’t save money and hurt workers and taxpayers. Read more here.


“Terribly increasing.” Speaking at the GOP retreat in Philadelphia yesterday, Trump said homicides in the city is “terribly increasing.” In fact, the opposite is true: The city’s homicide rate has fallen by 41 percent over the last decade. This “alternative fact” fits into Trump’s false narrative of crime-ridden “inner cities,” which he uses to disparage communities of color.

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