How to Win the Gun Debate

The Ultimate Guide to the Gun Debate

Americans from the kitchen table to Congress are debating how to stop the epidemic of gun violence plaguing our country. As is often the case, there is a lot of misinformation being spread by opponents of commonsense measures to prevent gun violence. In order arm you with the best facts so you can win the debate on guns, ThinkProgress’ Zack Beauchamp has assembled the ultimate guide to the gun debate.

Click through to get everything you need to know to make your own argument and to refute the false arguments advanced by our opponents:


1. “The law’s ban on some so-called assault weapons is nonsensical. All such weaponry terminology means is that they are semi-automatic weapons (which most guns are) with some military-style external features.”

2. “The last assault-weapons ban didn’t work.“

3. “So-called ‘assault weapons’ are nowhere near the root of the American violence problem.”

4. “Violent crime has decreased 17 percent since the assault weapons ban expired..”


1. “How is this supposed to prevent mass murder?”

2. “Although better enforcement of existing restrictions on gun ownership sounds unobjectionable, it would unjustly deny millions of people the right to armed self-defense.”


1. “High-capacity magazines…require less frequent reloading, but are more likely to jam, and at any rate changing magazines is not difficult even for the untrained.”

2. “Magazine size is more likely to matter for people defending against aggressors.”

3. “In the latest incarnation of Mrs. Feinstein’s ban, we would see the return of an ammunition limit that had no proven impact on crime while it was in effect from 1994-2004.”


1. “More guns, less crime.”

2. “If gun control works, Chicago ought to be safe.”

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