p>As Senate majority leaders scramble to cobble together support for their health care bill, numbers showing just how cruel the bill actually is keep piling up. Earlier this week, the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office revealed that the Senate’s version of Trumpcare would cause 22 million people to become uninsured and that premiums would skyrocket—increasing by 20 percent in just the first year.

But the cost of health care is more than just premiums. And that’s how Trumpcare gets even worse. Taking into account the impact Trumpcare will have on out-of-pocket costs, a new CAP analysis finds that Trumpcare will increase average health care costs by $2,294 for exchange enrollees. Older Americans will be hit hardest by these costs increases: Enrollees aged 60 to 64 with middle incomes would see a total cost increase of $11,704.

Trumpcare will harm almost every American, from pregnant women to older Americans to veterans. The only people who will benefit are the wealthy few who will get a tax break.


The People’s Filibuster to stop Trumpcare is happening today. You can watch live here. And if you’re in the DC area join us and our friends UltraViolet, Planned Parenthood, MoveOn, and more for a march at the Capitol. RSVP here. Can’t make it to the Capitol? Go to TrumpcareToolkit.org to contact the Senators who need to hear from you most! Senate leaders are counting on us running out of steam. Prove them wrong.


Disapproval. A majority of Americans disapprove of the Senate’s health care bill and the GOP’s handling of the health care debate. Only 17 percent of people approve of the Senate’s version of Trumpcare, while 55 percent of people disapprove.

Veterans. Trumpcare will hurt nearly every American in some way. But some Americans will be hit even harder. Among those the hardest hit are veterans, many of whom rely on Medicaid. A new CAP column finds that under the Senate health care bill 460,000 veterans would lose Medicaid coverage by 2026—even more than under the House plan.

TrumpcareTracker.com. Under Trumpcare, states would be forced to make up for the bill’s devastating cuts to essential programs like Medicaid. That cost-shift would have major implications for state budgets. That’s part of the reason governors from both parties have expressed concerns with the bill. Find out where your Governor stands at TrumpcareTracker.com.

Obstruction of Justice. Trump isn’t the only one being investigated for it. Three Chicago police officers have been charged with trying to cover up the shooting of 17-year-old Laquan McDonald in 2014. The officers said McDonald “lunged” at them with a knife before they shot him but video of the incident shows that isn’t true.


#NoBanNoWallsNoRaids. This week, the House is considering two anti-immigrant bills aimed at implementing Trump’s mass deportation agenda. The laws—called “No Sanctuary for Criminals Act” and “Kate’s Law”—would undercut local law enforcement’s ability to keep our communities safe, jeopardize national security, and give the Trump administration even more unchecked authority to apprehend, detain, and deport immigrants. The bills will be on the House floor today, and final votes are scheduled for tomorrow.


The Resistance. It is alive and well. Yesterday, a group of women dressed as handmaids from The Handmaid’s Tale showed up to the Capitol to protest Trumpcare and send a clear message to the administration that women are paying attention to the decisions that will change their lives. And earlier in the week, a spontaneous rally, including several Senate minority leaders broke out on the steps of the Capitol.

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