Meet the New Scott Pruitt.

Yesterday was a victory. Scott Pruitt’s resignation happened because of you, because of the relentless voices who stood up against his corruption and scandal.

Savor it. Celebrate it. But then get ready, because now a new fight begins.

Who is the next Scott Pruitt, you might ask?

Meet Andrew Wheeler: current acting EPA Administrator, coal lobbyist, and all-around enemy of environmental and public health protections.

Wheeler has the potential to be even more dangerous than Scott Pruitt. Unlike his predecessor, Wheeler is seen as “a consummate Washington insider” who has “spent years effectively navigating the rules.”

(Translation: his corruption is the quiet, savvy kind.)

Wheeler is close friend and former chief of staff to Capitol Hill’s “most virulent climate denier,” Senator Inhofe, who once famously brought a snowball to the Senate floor to disprove climate change.

Bottom lines:

  • Wheeler is a fossil fuel ally.
  • He wants to roll back all Obama-era environmental and safety protections.
  • With Wheeler in charge, the lobbyists are running the show—meaning polluters profit while the American public suffers.


As Trump has lurched into a trade war, not only with China but our closest allies, he has made clear that he expects those Americans who are taking the brunt—especially American farmers—to suck it up for the good of the country.

He’s also argued that they won’t mind, because they voted for him. And indeed a new analysis finds that China’s retaliatory tariffs will hit the counties that voted for Trump the hardest.

But while Trump lets farmers and many other American businesses get pummeled, you know who’s making out just fine in his dealings with China?

Trump. As the legendary David Fahrenthold of the Washington Post writes today, “As tariffs near, Trump’s business empire retains ties to China.” In fact, things are better than ever, with Chinese trademarks rolling in for the whole Trump family and Chinese involvement in two separate Trump-branded developments in Asia.

Meanwhile, while Trump tells farmers to tough it out, he is desperately protecting Chinese jobs at telecom giant ZTE, despite the Pentagon characterizing the company as a national security threat.

There’s been no explanation of course, but this is probably a coincidence: “Ivanka Trump Wins China Trademarks, Then Her Father Vows to Save ZTE.

Trump’s #CultureOfCorruption is spreading beyond Washington. It’s driving his foreign policy too, and American farmers are taking the hit while he makes out like a bandit.


Trump is expected to announce his new SCOTUS nominee on the evening of Monday, July 9th.

While the name might be a surprise, the stances of the nominee certainly won’t be:

  • Anti-Roe v. Wade ✔️
  • Anti-ACA ✔️
  • Anti-worker’s rights ✔️
  • Anti-voting rights ✔️

And so much more.

Join us and other progressive groups immediately following Trump’s announcement. We’re heading to the Supreme Court to stand up and reject Trump’s extremist nominee!

Come be there in person if you’re in town, or check in on our Facebook and Twitter for the livestream after Trump’s announcement.

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