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Michigan Electrician Sees Growth of Green Energy Jobs in Her Trade
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Michigan Electrician Sees Growth of Green Energy Jobs in Her Trade

An apprentice electrician explains how funding from the Inflation Reduction Act creates jobs by incentivizing a switch to green energy.

Qiana Moore, apprentice electrician with IBEW Local 665
Jackson, Michigan

After spending 20 years working in pharmacy management, Qiana Moore was still not making the kind of income or benefits she desired for her life. She decided to enter an electrical work union apprenticeship in 2021 and now sees a future with a good income and a comfortable retirement. Because of funds from the Inflation Reduction Act for apprenticeships, middle-class careers like Qiana’s are becoming more accessible to Americans of all ages and backgrounds. Additionally, the home energy rebates from the Inflation Reduction Act create more work opportunities for existing and future electricians.

Qiana Moore

Qiana Moore pictured in October 2020. (Photo credit: Miame Jarrett)

From what I’ve read, the Inflation Reduction Act provides incentives for rewiring your home—new electrical panels, a new furnace, a new dryer. All of these incentives for new appliances are going toward the goal of changing over from fossil fuels to electric sources of energy. That’s an amazing incentive for our environment, and it’s an amazing opportunity for electricians like me. Qiana Moore

The Inflation Reduction Act will create millions of jobs over the next decade, and apprenticeship programs are critical for training the next generation of workers. Apprenticeship programs offer another pathway to building a stable, middle-class career in a growing industry.

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