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Nevada Teachers Are Increasingly Leaving the Profession Seeking Better Health Insurance
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Nevada Teachers Are Increasingly Leaving the Profession Seeking Better Health Insurance

A Nevada teacher spends thousands on out-of-pocket prescription drug costs.

Vicki Kreidel is pictured in August 2021.

Vicki Kreidel is pictured in August 2021. (Photo credit:

Women stand to benefit the most from prescription drug price reforms; America’s gender pay gap leads many women to spend a larger share of their income on health care. In female-dominated industries such as teaching, women such as Vicki Kreidel in North Las Vegas are leaving the profession in search of better health insurance.

Since Vicki started teaching in the Las Vegas area about 10 years ago, she has progressively been paying more and more out of pocket each year to treat her osteoporosis and several autoimmune disorders. Now, Vicki is paying around $1,500 per treatment for her osteoporosis medication, which requires regular injections. Vicki says many other teachers in the school district—especially colleagues who rely on insulin—have had to leave their jobs to pursue work that includes health insurance that covers more of their prescription costs.

Las Vegas has a massive teacher shortage, and a big reason why is because we have trouble affording our prescriptions. If I can’t access my medication, I can barely move from the pain, and I risk bone fractures. Something needs to be done, or else Nevada’s teacher shortage will keep getting worse. Vicki Kreidel

High costs of prescription drugs affect more than just the patient, as some Americans must leave their profession to find better health care to afford their medication. Passing prescription drug price reforms would have an economywide impact, ensuring a more equal economic recovery for women.

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