Not Our Justice

Trump’s Supreme Court Nominee Judge Neil Gorsuch has his first date with Congress today and it’s setting up to be awkward. This morning, NPR reported that Gorusch told his law class that women “manipulate” maternity leave and suggested companies need to ask questions about women’s family plans before hiring them. It is of course illegal to make hiring decisions based on pregnancy status or family plans. It’s safe to say Gorsuch’s Monday probably started off worse than yours.

Speaking of what’s at stake for women, Gorsuch has a long history of attacking women’s reproductive rights. Women’s health isn’t the only area where Gorsuch has proven to be extreme. He has also promised to protect corporations over workers, roll back the clock on LGBT rights, and restrict campaign finance reform. Another thing likely following Gorsuch into his hearings? His work at the then scandal-plagued Department of Justice. Gorsuch’s hearing started at 11 AM this morning and will continue throughout the week. Watch it live here and follow along with @CAPAction.


Defeat #Trumpcare. The House of Representatives is scheduled to vote on Trumpcare this Thursday (on the anniversary of the Affordable Care Act). Check out this interactive map to find out what’s at stake for your district under Trumpcare. Twenty-seven Republican House members have said they are considering voting against the bill. Make sure they do. Use this toolkit for all the information you need to demand your member defeats Trumpcare.


Confirmation. Gorsuch wasn’t the only one who had a date with Congress today. This morning, FBI Director James Comey testified at a House Intelligence Committee hearing about Russian interference in the election. He came to drop intel. First, Comey confirmed that the FBI is investigating possible links and coordination between the Trump team and Russia, and has been since July. Then he said he has no information or evidence to support Trump’s claim that President Obama wiretapped Trump tower (surprise!).

Disappearing data. Only two months into the Trump Administration and one month after the confirmation of notoriously anti-LGBT Tom Price as secretary of health and human services, and the Trump Administration is already trying to erase data collection about LGBT people on two critical surveys about programs that serve seniors and people with disabilities. Data on LGBT people is crucial as it can reveal disparities in how health and human services programs serve LGBT people. Read more here.

New lows. A new Gallup poll shows that President Trump has hit a new low with the American people. As of March 18, 58 percent of Americans disapprove of the President’s job, compared to 37 percent who approve. Trump used to be a big fan of Gallup’s approval polls, we’re guessing that will change now.

Resisting Trump. Everyone’s doing it. Just 60 days into his presidency Trump has wasted no time in pushing his vision of an America that excludes most Americans. That has encouraged tens of thousands of people across the country to organize to fight back. Are you one of those people? Interested in attending a daylong activist convention in Los Angeles? Fill out this application!


Detentions and deportations. A retired North Carolina police chief, Hassen Aden, was detained at the JFK airport last week. Hassan, who has an Italian mother and Somali father and is an American citizen, was returning from Paris when he was detained for 90 minutes. In his account of his unlawful detention he said “No one is safe from this type of unlawful government intrusion.” That was proven true this morning when two migrant justice advocates were detained at a traffic stop in Vermont. Sign this petition to #FreeKiki and #FreeZully.


Going green. Donald Trump’s presidency has inspired many to get more involved in politics—including Republican environmental conservation groups. President Trump’s denial of climate change, climate denier cabinet, and attacks on environmental agencies like the EPA has fueled these groups to increase efforts to recruit more congressional Republicans to work on climate change.

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