Yesterday, House Republicans released their new tax bill. While some media outlets reported on the plan as a break for the middle class, the reality is much different. Initially, the bill may seem appealing to middle class families in terms of tax cuts. But the proposal is a ticking time bomb, as a new major new tax credit for parents will expire in 5 years. With inflation adjustments over time and the expiration date, middle class families would watch their taxes increase again, even as millionaires and billionaires continue to enjoy their permanent, disproportionately large tax cuts.

Who else loses under the tax bill? Student loan recipients will lose their ability to deduct student loan interest from their taxes. Adoptive parents will see their tax credit disappear. People with disabilities will face more barriers in their lives, as the bill repeals a credit for small businesses that allows them to make their business more accessible. Patients with high medical bills are arguably the most negatively impacted. The House majority’s plan would “eliminate the ability for individuals to deduct qualified medical expenses, a provision that could have major implications for households with extremely high health-care costs.”

To stand up for all these people and more who will suffer under the tax plan, go to to call your representatives, and demand they vote no on this scam bill!


#DreamActNow. Trump met with leaders of the Senate GOP yesterday and reportedly made a deal to not include a fix to DACA in the end-of-year spending bill. Several Congressional Democrats quickly responded, tweeting that a Dream Act is necessary. For the nearly one million DACA recipients who now find their lives hanging in the balance, it’s crucial that Congress pass a clean Dream Act now! Call your elected officials today using our easy toolkit. Then, share the graphic below.


The Destruction of the State Department. Last month, in an unprecedented move, Trump nominated Stephen Akard for the role of director general of the U.S. Foreign Service. Typically a role reserved for senior diplomatic officers, the position was “specifically designed to insulate the foreign service from political turbulence.” So, why Akard? Well, he’s a buddy of Vice President Mike Pence, causing fears that he will politicize the role and the Foreign Service at large. The American Academy of Diplomacy has come out against the nomination, sending a letter to Senators Bob Corker and Ben Cardin urging them to reject the nomination on grounds that “his confirmation would be contrary to Congress’s long standing intent and desire to create a professional American diplomatic service based on merit.” Akard’s nomination is not the first piece of bad news for the State Department; in fact, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has been undermining the agency since he arrived. And just last night, Trump claimed that filling top posts at State Department was unnecessary because he’s the “only one that matters.”

Desperately Mulling Their Options. Today there was yet another conspiracy theory from Trump defenders in Congress to distract from the clear evidence of collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia. This morning, Congressman Matt Gaetz from Florida introduced a resolution in the House of Representatives to call for Special Counsel Robert Mueller to resign because of a supposed “conflict of interest.” The resolution already has two cosponsors: Representatives Andy Biggs and Louis Gohmert of Arizona and Texas, respectively. This comes on the heels of Mueller’s first indictments, and signals a panic among Trump’s allies in Congress about the reach of the Russia investigation. Mueller must have the time and space to do his job. Call your elected officials now at 202-224-3121, and tell them to pass legislation to protect Mueller.

#GetUSCovered. Open enrollment started on November 1, and we only have until December 15 to spread the word! Both new and returning consumers should go to and shop to ensure they’re signed up the 2018 plan that’s best for them. Most people can find plans for under $75 a month. And then make sure your friends and family are covered too! Make sure to share former President Obama’s video, and go to for even more resources on how we can ensure that America gets covered.

The Climate We’re In. Beginning Monday, the United Nations is hosting a Climate Change Conference in Bonn, Germany, to discuss the imminent threat of the rapidly changing climate. The Paris Climate Accords will play a large role in this gathering, though President Trump announced his intention for the United States to withdraw as a signatory earlier this year. But just because the federal government will not be upholding this crucial agreement does not mean you have to withdraw as well. Sign your name to this petition to show that you are #StillIn the Paris agreement. These signatures will be presented at the United Nations gathering starting next week to demonstrate the enormous support for climate science and action that the people of the United States still value.


CHIP Remains At Risk. Today, the House passed a bill would extend funding for the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) and other community and public health programs. But that’s where the good news ends. The bill includes a provision to shorten the period of time that people receiving subsidies in the health care marketplace have to “pay overdue premiums before insurers can end their coverage.” This could cause up to 700,000 people to lose their health insurance coverage. Moreover, the bill cuts funding to other important public health programs.

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