Obama’s Tax Cuts for American Families

A State-by-State Breakdown

CAPAF shows a state-by-state breakdown of how many families would benefit from President Obama's proposed "Making Work Pay" tax cut.

Download this document (pdf)

As part of his 2010 budget, President Barack Obama has proposed extending the “Making Work Pay” tax cut, a permanent payroll tax reduction for workers and their families. This tax cut would be financed by making companies pay for their greenhouse gas emissions and eliminating tax breaks for dirty energy —capping pollutants at a sustainable level while returning money to working Americans.

This tax cut would benefit all individuals making up to $95,000 and families making up to $190,000, approximately 95 percent of American families who draw a paycheck.

The table below shows the number of families in each state who would benefit directly in the form of lower taxes.

Download this document (pdf)

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